ONLY THE BEST: Terry Miller Concrete tanks refuse to compromise on quality materials and workmanship when building water storage facilities.

ONLY THE BEST: Terry Miller Concrete tanks refuse to compromise on quality materials and workmanship when building water storage facilities.

Nothing soft about concrete tanks

For decades Terry Miller Concrete Tanks has invested in quality

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Terry Miller Concrete Tanks uses only the best raw materials and highly experienced staff to build tanks which last.


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TERRY Miller, whose concrete tank business bears his name, has been in the building game for more than 30 years.

He knows his stuff.

And the business, Terry Miller Concrete Tanks, is widely recognised, its work appreciated and lauded.

TMCT has completed numerous projects for government, including various Pastures Protection Boards, National Parks and Wildlife Service and the NSW Sport & Recreation and Inland Fisheries. National Mutual uses the company as well.

Additionally, TMCT has delivered projects for such diverse industries as abattoirs and wineries.

"We take great pride in our work," said a spokeswoman for Mr Miller, who was raised in the Victorian country and respects water for the precious resource it is.

"Nothing but the best finished tank is good enough for us and we also make sure we keep your place clean both during our work and after we have finished."

When Mr Miller started building concrete water tanks, he had a straight-forward philosophy to use the best raw materials, hire the most competent employees and build high quality tanks.

"Concrete water tanks built correctly will last a lifetime," the spokeswoman said.

"They keep your water cool, clean and algae free and this is because our tanks have walls 130mm thick on a base 190mm thick and are poured with 40-mpa strength concrete, not 25 or 30 mpa.

"We also use plasticiser to keep up the strength in the tanks instead of water and after 28 days of curing, the strength of the concrete will be between 48 and 52 mpa."

Each tank is poured on-site. They come out white, a clear sign of the strength in the tank.

The tank walls are vibrated all round to ensure there are no air bubbles and the concrete is compacted.

Generally speaking, TMCT builds tanks in three sizes - 50,000, 105,000 and 120,000 litres - either with a silo (metal) roof, concrete top or open top.

They will withstand high winds and in fire prone districts the advantages of a large, 120,000 litre tank are manifold - it can supply water for usual needs or, if appropriate pumps are installed, keep the house cool and wet as the blaze rages.

All aspects of their tanks are built for strength from the assembly of double-layered mesh base with radial starter bars to the continuous pour. The quantity and strength of the mesh depends on the final load bearing weight of the tank.

The largest of TMCT's industrial silo-roofed tanks weigh more than 40 tonnes when empty. The silo roof is a heavy-duty galvanised, pitched steel roof, weighing about 500g and can support a man. The floor slopes to a 90mm drain, enabling a thorough clean.

"Water is our most important resource, and we cannot have too much of it," Mr Miller said.

TMCT staff are happy to consult on site preparation with any prospective customer.

"That way we can fully guarantee your new Terry Miller concrete tank and avoid potential construction delays," the spokeswoman said.

TMCT adheres to a strict code of ethics with trust and mutual respect among employees and customers are fundamentals of the business.

So for all your water storage needs when you are thinking of installing your next tank, please call Terry for a quote on 0419 462 814 or (02) 6026 7021 or check out their web site,

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