RAS experience remains special

RAS experience remains special

VICTORY: Stock Journal's Karina Natt, Elizabeth Anderson, 7News' Mark Soderstrom, Amelia Mulcahey, dairyfarmer Lyndon Cleggett and Theo Doropoulos in 2015.

VICTORY: Stock Journal's Karina Natt, Elizabeth Anderson, 7News' Mark Soderstrom, Amelia Mulcahey, dairyfarmer Lyndon Cleggett and Theo Doropoulos in 2015.


Although a relative newcomer to the Royal Adelaide Show, Elizabeth Anderson has developed some special memories.


I consider myself a relative newcomer to the Royal Adelaide Show.

Not to the show movement itself - I have many memories of helping my show treasurer dad count $2 coins into envelopes for prizes.

But my first time at Adelaide was as a fresh Stock Journal journalist, within two months of moving to SA.

I'd been warned it could be a full-on period - I'd already cautioned friends not to expect to hear from me.

Then, on that very first Friday, I turned up nice and early, in the cattle ring, all ready to cover my first breed - only to realise I hadn't interpreted the schedule properly and my breed would not be judged until after the two breeds beforehand.

I learnt that regardless of what time the schedule says, if you've got the Angus cattle before you - there is no need to rush. Of course, it can go the other way, and at times in the sheep shed I've arrived just in time to watch the champion get sashed.

It is especially fun when all our planning on paper just gets thrown out and reality has me trying to cover two breeds at opposite ends of the very long shed at the same time. That's when having good colleagues really comes in handy.

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Passion for shows in Turner's DNA

In the past six years, I've had to discover some breeds I'd never encountered before. I've had to learn how to decipher some judges comments into something meaningful (if they're all "very dairy", why is this one the winner?) and I like to think I've picked up some handy skills.

Even among the nights of very little sleep from making sure the previous day's reports are written up before the next day's judging starts, and when my feet are sore from racing from one end of the showground to the other, there is still something special about the show.

I remember that feeling of walking through the Kidman Gates on that first day in 2014, a feeling that has recurred every year since.

I also think of the competitiveness of the Celebrity Milk-Off, with Stock Journal helping make up numbers. I like to think we leave with our integrity, even if we don't often get the trophy.

There are families I may only see once a year - in September - and it sometimes feels like I'm watching their children grow up. It can be confronting when a child you took a photo of years ago, when the animal was nearly bigger than him, suddenly turns up with a moustache, but we're all getting older.

I will even put in a plug for the showbags. My favourite showbag is the Gourmet Goodie Bag, which comes chock-a-block full of SA products, including some that may surprise you.

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