Take a walk along the virtual Dog Fence

Take a walk along the virtual Dog Fence


Fancy a trip through central SA, all from the safety of your living room?


Have you ever wanted to view the Dog Fence?

Would you like to see why the $25 million rebuild is so important?

A new online tool is available to view thousands of kilometres of the barrier.

To create the virtual Dog Fence, a photo was taken every two minutes along almost all of the 2150km South Australian Dog Fence.

It now has 1781 photographs, covering an area from the Great Australian Bight, through to the NSW border.

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister Tim Whetstone said the tool was a way for people to see the sheer size of the project as well as experience drought conditions much of the region is enduring first-hand.

"Through our planning work with the Dog Fence Rebuild Committee, we're now able to give the public access to an online virtual Dog Fence that captures the vast 2,150km of terrain that it crosses, as well as the extremely dry conditions facing our pastoralists," he said.

"It shows just how harsh our landscape is right now for our pastoral communities and it's vital we support them by getting the rebuild underway to safeguard our livestock industry."

All you have to do is visit this site and download the Dog Fence KMZ file (it's only 27MB so shouldn't bust the download limit). You'll also need to download Google Earth's desktop version, as opposed to the online version, which you can do here (see below).

Once you've downloaded those it's just a matter of dragging and dropping the Dog Fence file into Google Earth - which is simply a matter of opening Google Earth and dragging the folder onto that screen.

Then the dog fence will appear on the screen with a bunch of photo snapshots of areas around the fence.

Just like this:

Now you can lose yourself travelling that fence line for ages!

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