Ballarat steers hold firm but without the zing

Ballarat steers hold firm but without the zing


The Ballarat steer sale saw grown steers sell at firm rates while the light weaners overshadowed their heavier mates.


A smaller crowd than recent sales bid freely on a good quality yarding of around 4660 steers at the Central Victorian Livestock Exchange at Ballarat Friday.

While prices for the heavy grown steers were similar to recent sales, the heavy end of the weaned steer section lacked the zing of the sales in February.

But once onto the lighter steer weaners prices once again accelerated higher.

TB White and Sons auctioneer Leo White said the sale overall was a good result.

The feeder weight cattle sold anything from 380 to 435 cents a kilogram for cattle around 400 to 450kg that presented "very well".

The vast majority of the grown steers sold between $1750 and $1900.

He said the lead run of heavy weaners was cheaper than the February sale due in part to a lack of an export order that had been present earlier in the year.

"But that sale was an absolute exception," Mr White said.

"Once we got of those the lighter calves were very strong, making up to 380 to 440c/kg."

There were few pens that sold for under $1200 across the yarding

Top of the grown steers was the lead pen of 11 Angus steers from T & BM Dodds that weighed 657kg and sold for $2150. The second pen of the sale was also from the Dodds's and comprised 29, 544kg, that made $2020, or 371c/kg.

Hillview Mount Prospect forwarded 18 Angus, 573kg, that sold for $2000, and a second line of 12 that made $1870. A pen of 22 account BG & GP Hayes, 517kg, sold for $1910, or 375c/kg.

Also in the heavy steers two pens came forward from Ellingerrin Pastoral Co, with the lead pen of 23 making $1940 or 369c/kg and the second pen of 23 weighing 532kg made $2900 or 353c/kg.

Leo White talks to Stock & Land at the Ballarat steer sale

On a liveweight basis, a pen of 13 sold account L & K Missen, sold for 394c/kg, or $1860 on weights of 472kg.

In the coloured heavy steers Woodrowvale Pastoral Co, forwarded two pens of Charolais steers, with the heavy pen of 26 weighing 504kg and making $1890 or 375c/kg while the lighter brothers, 428kg sold for $1730 or 404c/kg.

Nebpak sold 14, at 493kg, for $1940 or 393c/kg, while KP Maher had a pen of 11 that weighed 487kg and sold for $1880 or 386c/kg.

The start of the weaner run saw a pen of 17, at 473kg, sold account EA Stephens & Sons, that made $1850 or 391c/kg. The second raft from the vendor comprised 15 at 413kg, that made $1620 or 392c/kg.

A pen of 12, weighing 467kg, making $1850 or 396c/kg, sold account LG Shaw & Sons.

IW & RL Shaw had a pen of nine, 463kg, that made $1820 or 393c/kg while their second draft of 10 sold for $1520 or 393c/kg.

A pen of 19 sold account Mondilibi, 423kg, made $1400 or 432c/kg.

CIA Mann Family Trust forwarded a draft that included a pen of 38 at 292kg that made $1230, 421c/kg.

Henderson-Drife consigned a draft of steers that saw a pen of 32 weighing 295kg making $1220 or 413c/kg.

A pen of 19 Hereford steers sold account M & J Brennan, 392kg, sold for $1560 or 387c/kg, while Inverall Farm Co sold a pen of 19 Herefords, 431kg, for $1600 or 371c/kg.

Red Angus steers weighing in a range of 325 to 515kg sold from $1180 to $1750.

Unweighed Murray Grey steers sold from $660 to $1120 while the weighed portion, ranging from 339 to 400kg, sold mainly from $1140 to $1350.

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