Lamb prices ease at Ouyen as yarding increases

Lamb prices ease at Ouyen as yarding increases


Lamb prices eased $10-$20 at Ouyen Livestock Exchange, Vic, on Thursday.


WITH an increased yarding, lamb prices eased $10 to $20 a head at Ouyen Livestock Exchange in Vic on Thursday, while mutton held firm to $10 cheaper.

Overall, 13,632 lambs and 1468 mutton were offered, totalling 15,100.

Crossbred lambs sold to $288, received by R&G Schutz, Lameroo, for 56 head.

Export crossbred lambs sold from $224 to the top price, or $7.90 a kilogram to $8.80/kg; trades made $170-$242 ($8.40-$9.20/kg); while stores made $60-$172 ($9.40-$10/kg).

MG Lynch, Morkalla, 135 crossbred lambs at $286 and another 165 head at $257.

FE Pole, Walpeup, sold 70 crossbred lambs at $278; while Daalkolyn, Underbool, sold 56 at $266.

R&F Dalton, Tempy, sold 61 at $259; while P&C Mole, Tempy, sold 96 at $259.

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Heavy Merinos made $208-$274 or $8.10-$8.80/kg; while lighter types sold from $133-$189 or $8.40-$8.80/kg.

Wegner Bros, Karoonda, sold 194 Merino lambs at the $274 top price, while AK Schultz, Karoonda, sold 97 Merino lambs at $266.

G&G Sutton, Mildura, sold 24 Merino lambs at $243, while J Hahnel Noms, Timberoo, sold 77 at $237.

Heavy mutton sold from $170-$253 ($6.60-$7.40/kg), while lighter mutton made $32-$140 ($7.10-$7.30/kg).

M Symonds, Lameroo, sold 22 mutton at the $253 top, while J&L Pryse, Torrita, sold 54 at $240.

Dorper lambs were also offered, with MGN Gibbons, Galah, selling 71 at $216 and Serenity Holdings, Meringur, selling 38 at $205.

The next scheduled sale is Thursday, April 2.

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