Holden heartbeat - preserving the brand for the future

Holden heartbeat - preserving the brand


Hayden and Marg Pilgrim are the keepers of a collection of cars that include 16 Holdens.


Production and sales of Holden vehicles may have ceased but the memory and examples of the brand will live on.

Car collector and Holden tragic, Hayden Pilgrim, near Avoca has been driving and collecting Holden vehicles for all his adult life.

"I don't know how many vehicles I've got, probably close to 40," he said.

Today he has 16 Holdens ranging from a 1955 FJ ute through to one of the last Holden Commodore SS to come off the assembly line.

"My first car was a Holden. I've always been a Holden man," he said.

Holden enthusiast Hayden Pilgrim talks about his love of the brand.

Mr Pilgrim described the announcement recently that the Holden brand would be no more as shocking.

"I was absolutely shocked. I couldn't believe they would pull the pin on the greatest car they ever made," he said.

Mr Pilgrim said he was devastated. "But Ford too and Chrysler and Toyota - the demise of the whole car industry," he said.

He said he felt for all the apprentices."Where are all the apprentices going to get a job? All the people who make the wiring looms, who make the plastic tail lights?"

Mr Pilgrim said that while the government had certainly subsidised Holden, "but nothing like how much the German government subsides its industry".

"Every worker paid income tax. I just feel sorry for the young people where they are going to get training," he said.

Anything with a chrome bumper bar was seriously collectible.

Computers for the more modern Holden cars would be the issue into the future.

Mr Pilgrim said the most unusual car in his collection of 16 different models was a HR model he bought that was the dealer principal's car in Swan Hill.

He said the car was a factory X2 with all the optional extras.

His collection also included an 1972 HQ SS which was one of the first off the assembly line and an SS that had a build date of October 17, 2017, one of the last couple to leave the assembly line.

Mr Pilgrim said he and his wife Marg ran the SS Group around Australia with about 350 on its list.

The 50th birthday in 2022 would be held in Avoca and would attract cars from across Australia.

Marg is the secretary of the Pyrenees Historic Vehicle Club that was launched in 2013.

Other vehicles in Holden collection included two FJs (a sedan and a ute), EK ute, a Torana, EH, HR, two HQs and an LX.

Mr Pilgrim was born and bred in Melbourne but moved to the Avoca area as a school teacher at various small schools in the area.

He purchased around 200 hectares and ran sheep until recently when he leased the property.

The farm ute was an HX one tonner. He said he gets all the cars out fairly regularly.

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