Elite cow sells for $15,000

Banemore Poll Hereford dispersal sale sees $15,000 sale topper

TOP BULL: Meg and Andrew Bell, Millicent SA, with the top priced bull and Banemore's Jonathan and David Jenkin. Picture by Jill Frawley

TOP BULL: Meg and Andrew Bell, Millicent SA, with the top priced bull and Banemore's Jonathan and David Jenkin. Picture by Jill Frawley


Top Poll Hereford goes back into local stud.


* 151 of 158 males and females sold to $15,000, av $3718

A cow described as the most outstanding female in the Banemore Poll Herefords dispersal sale, Penshurst, has been sold for $15,000.

Banemore held its 39th annual sale and stud dispersal, offering nearly 160 PTIC females, yearling heifers, two-year old and yearling bulls.

Yarram Park, Willaura, paid the top price at the sale, buying Banemore Victoria L33 (AI) for $15,000.

The April 2015-drop female was by Allendale Anzac E114 (PP) out of Banemore Cora E016 (AI) (H).

She had Hereford Breedplan figures of a 7.5 kilogram birthweight, a 200-day growth of 39kg, a 400-day growth of 69kg and a 600-day growth of 93kg.

Victoria had Hereford Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) of an eye muscle area of 6.6 square centimetres, a rib measurement of 1.3 millimetres, a rump of 2mm and intramuscular fat of 1.1 per cent.

Jeremy Upton, Yarram Park, said the stud believed Victoria was the most genotypical and phenotypical "elite" cow to be offered.

"She was the cow most suited to entering our breeding program," Mr Upton said.

"She is a magnificent female, due to her volume, depth and outlook.

"We clearly thought she was the most outstanding female there."

Victoria would go into an embryo transfer program.

"She brings outcross genetics and a strong poll influence to the herd."

The top priced Hereford bull was the March 2018-drop Banemore Kalimna P006, (HPR) (AI) (P).

He was sold to BN and JM Bell, Millicent, SA, through Elders Lucindale, for $8500.

Kalimna was sired by Wirruna Kalimna K326 (PP), out of Banemore Com M122 (HPR) (P).

He was the heifer's first calf.

Kalimna had Hereford Breedplan Estimated Breeding Values of a birthweight of 1.7kilograms, 200-day growth of 35kg, 400-day growth of 64kg, and 600-day growth of 81kg.

He recorded an eye muscle area (EMA) of 5.4 sq cm, a rib measurement of 3mm and rump of 3.8mm.

He had an intramuscular fat measurement of 2.2pc.

Jonathan Jenkin, Banemore, said the near complete clearance rate was a really good result.

"There was an excellent cross-section of interests, from right across the country, with a lot of with a lot of Tasmanian buyers and strong local support," Mr Jenkin said.

He said buyers came to the dispersal looking for the attributes Banemore was recognised for.

"They were looking for the things we have built our cows around; calving ease, docility of the animals, good growth rates and a strong performance recorded history," he said.

Banemore would now concentrate on a commercial operation, based on the same principals the stud had used since it was founded.

"We will build on the base that's come through, from the stud," Mr Jenkin said.

"We'll probably push into that heavier store market, working with processors to grow top end cattle and on meat quality."

He said 33 bidders had registered, online, with 11 animals selling through Auctions Plus.

"That's a sign of the interest, from outside the area," he said.

The sale attracted a good mix of commercial, and stud operators.

While most of the cattle went back into the south-west, prominent studs Yarram Park, Yavendale, Adelong, NSW, Tarcombe, Ruffy, and Taronga, Paschendale, each picked up animals.

Quamby Plains Poll Herefords, Quamby Plains, Tas, bought three cattle, with other animals going to the Hobart and Launceston areas.

Stud stock also went to South Australia's Wild Bear Herefords and Fanfare Hereford stud, Nar Nar Goon, Gippsland.

Cascade Poll Hereford stud, Koomoorang, Currabubula, NSW was also among the successful bidders.

Among the volume buyers were DM and JM House, Smithton, Tas, who bought 19 cows and a bull.

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