Baynes Angus to showcase maternal focus at Beef Week

Beef Week 2020: Baynes Angus to make debut in field days

Beef Week 2020

Fifty five studs will open their gates for 2020 Stock Journal Beef Week kicking off tomorrow, including four new entrants.


A PASSION for breeding Angus cattle has helped Simon Bayne, Sherwood, accept a big life challenge.

Thirteen years ago he became a paraplegic after a car accident, but not long into his rehabilitation he established Baynes Angus stud with bloodlines from two NSW studs, Millah Murrah and Ardrossan.

In recent times he has been a successful guest vendor at fellow Angus stud Mandayen's bull sale at Keith, but this year he and partner Staci Jennings are progressing further.

On Tuesday next week, Baynes Angus is making its debut in Stock Journal Beef Week.

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It comes two years after Mr Bayne realised a childhood dream to own a farm - buying 485-hectare Condowie, near Keith.

Mr Bayne says Stock Journal Beef Week, where they will have 10 bulls for sale, as well as their cow herd on display, offers great exposure for stud breeders.

"Starting out you can't expect to go into auction with 10 bulls and you do have to build up a base of clients, it is just the best way to do it," he said.

Some days you might wonder why you do it but it is about seeing the next group of calves and following genetic progression. - Simon Bayne, Baynes Angus

Baynes' sale bulls include four embryo transfer siblings sired by LD Capitalist and out of top donor female, Old Kentucky Royal Line H33.

Royal Line has already produced eight sons averaging $7500 and by the end of 2020 will have progeny in six registered studs across Australia.

Other sires of the 18- to 21-month-old bulls include Connealy Revenue and Basin Payweight.

The couple say running their 30 females and 30 recipients from ET program alongside a commercial sheep flock has brought home the importance of having efficient, medium-framed females.

Good temperament is also essential with Mr Bayne wheelchair-bound, but the top focus for Baynes Angus is maternal traits.

"We are concentrating in the stud on what makes Angus cattle fundamentally great - calving ease and being a good mother and not trying to be everything to everyone such as the biggest growth," Mr Bayne said.

"Some days you might wonder why you do it but it is about seeing the next group of calves and following genetic progression."

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