SE weaners exceed expectations, despite slight dip

SE weaners exceed expectations, despite slight dip


At Mount Gambier's opening store sale for 2020 on Friday, prices for quality lines of weaner cattle eased slightly, although returns remained above agents' expectations.


MOUNT Gambier's first store cattle sale for 2020 kicked off on Friday against a backdrop of dark clouds and steady drizzle.

Quality lines of weaner cattle sold at slightly cheaper rates than December prices, although returns remained above agents' expectations, according to Landmark Keatley's Dale Keatley.

"Feedlot buyers were active, especially on the top end of cattle, anything EU (European Union-accredited) making in excess of $3 a kilogram," Mr Keatley said.

"Non-EU cattle still sold very well, the middle run of cattle were soaked up by live exporters and smaller cattle were mopped up by local graziers who were looking for value for money to put away - anything up to $900 will be very good buying if we get spin off rain from the monsoons which are shaping up to drop a bit of rain around the area in the next few weeks."

Heavy Angus steers weighing more than 450kg sold to $2.79/kg, with coloured steers in this weight range, which made $2.36/kg to $2.70/kg.

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Angus steers from 360-450kg made $2.61-$3.22/kg; and coloured steers 360-450kg sold from $2.68-$3.21/kg. Angus steers from 320-360kg sold at prices from $2.78-$3.37/kg, with coloured steers of the same weights selling from $2.98-$3.24/kg.

In the lighter pens, Angus steers weighing 280-320kg sold from $2.48-$3.37/kg, while coloured steers in this weight range returned up to $3.11/kg. Angus steers under 280kg sold from $2.17-$3.19/kg.

Angus steers topped at $1270 or $2.79/kg, for a draft of eight, averaging 455kg, offered by J Matthews and bought by JBS Australia.

Coloured steers sold to $1340 or $2.70/kg for 13 Herefords, weighing 495kg at 15 to 16 months, from SR Langley, German Flat. This pen was also bought by JBS.

Millanda Estate, Mount Gambier, sold 20 Millah Murrah-bld Angus, av 396kg at 10-12 months, at $1215 or $3.07/kg to Miller Whan & John, Mount Gambier, along with a 320kg second draft bought by Elders Mount Gambier for $1060 or $3.31/kg.

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Greenwald Pastoral Co, Dartmoor, Vic, sold 96, 10-12-mongh-old Dunoon-bld Angus weighing 369-391kg, for an average of $1142. Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier, bought the 391kg top draft at $1190 or $3.04/kg.

Borderdowns, Strathdownie, Vic, sold 145, 10-11mo, EU and Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System-eligible Borderdowns and AI-bld Angus, weighing 325-379kg, av $1134. Princess Royal Station, Burra, bought 106 of the Bordertowns steers, including the top draft for $1220 or $3.22/kg.

Balrook, Dartmoor, sold 40, 10-11mo PCAS Angus, 337-376kg, av $1150. Miller Whan & John bought the top draft at $1175 or $3.13/kg.

Wangolina, Mount Benson, sold 17 March-drop, EU Glatz Black Angus and Spry's-bld Angus steers, 357kg, at $1120 or $3.14/kg to Princess Royal, with a second draft of 17, av 322kg, selling at $1020 or $3.17/kg to Landmark International.

Bamboa, Strathdownie, sold 98, 10-12mo, EU and PCAS Borderdowns-blood Angus steers, 279-403kg, av $973. Princess Royal bought the top draft at $1180 or $2.93/kg, as well as the 393kg second draft at $1200 or $3.05/kg.

P&K Holmes, Mumbannar, Vic, had 64, 8-10mo Weeran and Banquet-bld Angus and Angus-crosses, 320-336kg, av $1067, with the top draft selling to Elders Mount Gambier at $1070 or $3.31/kg.

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Invaloch, Strathdownie, sold 16, 10-11mo PCAS Hereford steers, 368kg, at $1160 or $3.15/kg to Nutrien Ag, Mount Gambier. A 324kg second draft made $1050 or $3.24/kg to Miller Whan & John.

A limited number of joined females sold exceptionally well. A line of 48 pregnancy-tested in-calf Te Mania- bld Angus second-calvers from Lakala, Mumbannar, made the $2220 top and av $2130. They were also bought by Miller Whan & John.

Heifer prices were erratic but were comparable to other weaner sales last week. A draft of 10 Angus heifers, 380kg, from MRL Hinton, Sutton Town, topped at $970 or $2.55/kg to Creek Livestock.

Wandilo Hills, Wandilo, sold 13, 9-10mo Lanark-bld Angus heifers, 371kg, at $960 or $2.59/kg to JBS.

Dalgleish, Kalangadoo, had 15, 10-11mo Borderdowns-bld Angus heifers, 303kg, make $770 or $2.54/kg to Creek Livestock.

P&K Holmes, Mumbannar, sold 51, 8-10mo Weeran and Banquet-bld Angus and Angus-cross heifers, av $806, with their 344kg top draft selling at $880 or $2.56/kg to Coola Station, German Creek.

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