McPiggery ewe lambs reach $361 high

McPiggery ewe lambs reach $361 high


FIRST cross ewe lambs hit a high of $361 at today's Naracoorte blue ribbon sale, eclipsing last year's top of $320.


FIRST cross ewe lambs hit a high of $361 at today's Naracoorte blue ribbon sale, eclipsing last year's top of $320.

The price was paid for a pen of 180 March/April-drops from McPiggery, Lameroo, with Johnos, Paxton, Glenlea, Gunallo and Ridgway-blood.

A second run of 185 from McPiggery sold at $328, while a third pen of 197 reached $300.

Mallee ewes performed particularly well during the sale with the second highest price paid for a pen also from Lameroo.

The 123 March/April, Lowan Hill and Dalveen-blds from LR Gregurke & Partners reached $358, with a run of 54 sold at $324. The full line of Gregurke's 250 ewe lambs averaged $332.

The Gregurke's had received the highest price at the 2018 sale.

Hayward Props, Lameroo, sold 131 April/May-drop Johnos-blds at $350.

BJ&KR Lehmann, Peebinga, sold 100 April/May-drop Kamora Netley Park, Paxton and Deepwater-blds at $342 with a second run of 144 at $316.

Elconda Downs sold 173 April/May-drop, Johnos and Lines Gum Hill-blds at $341.

Farmers Leap, Padthaway, offered a line of 831 April/May, Paxton and Morton-blds, with the top 79 sold at $340, and a second run of 166 at $328, with the third run of 124 sold at $300.

Altus Pastoral, Lameroo, offered 132 March/April-drop Belmont, Ridgway and Gunallo-blds, which sold at $332.

JJA&RLV Boddington, Binnum, sold 72 April/May-drop, Coolawang-blds at $330.

Wheaton Farms, Kaniva, Vic, sold 134 April.May-drop Black Gate-blds at $324.

C&A Jesse sold 111 April/May-drop Paxton-blds at $324 and 171 at $300.

IL&PJ Farley, Marmon Hill, Jabuk, sold 111 April/May-drop Inverbrackie-blds at $324, with a second line of 213 at $300, with another pen of 189 at $312 and 189 at $302.

Schulz Livestock, Field, which one the best-presented pen, as judged by Livestock SA president Joe Keynes, Keyneton Station, sold its top draft of 114 April-drop, Inverbrackie, Dalveen and Moorundie Park-blds at $324.

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Naracoorte sets new $402 ewe record

Delro-Alaman, Woolumbool, offered 160 May/June-drop Inverbrackie and Ashrose-blds, which sold at $322.

Pocock Pastoral, Lameroo, sold a run of 188 April/May-drop Coolawang, Paxton and Lines Gum Hill-blds from its Western Flat property at $320.

The same vendor sold another 185 Johnos and Lines Gum Hill-blds from the Lameroo property at the same price, with another 233 at $306.

Willswood Farms, Bordertown, sold 107 April/May-drop Netley Park-blds at $310, but their second run of 305 sold at $320.

Munduney, Spalding, sold 140 April/May-drop Glencorrie and Inverbrackie-blds at $318.

CJ&CF Pfitzner, Frances, sold 133 May/June-drop, Paxton and Deepwater-blds at $316 and 192 at $302.

ME&JE Pridham, Carlinga, Western Flat, offered of 172 April/May-drop Coolawang-blds, which sold at $310.

DA&JC Murdoch, Bringalbert South, Vic, sold 98 May/June-drops at $304, with another 160 sold at $302.

Stewartdale Pty Ltd, Naracoorte, sold 119 March/April-drop, Hanookra, Radnor and Moorundie Park-blds at $304.

EH Pitt & Co, Arinya Plains, Lucindale, sold 103 Glencorrie, Morton and Hanookra-blds at $304.

Belmont Proprietors, Springton, kicked off the sale with a pen of 68 May/June-drop, Belmont and Ashrose-blds, which sold at $302.

The second pen of the day, 111 Vanita and Lines Gum Hill-blds from JA Parker made the same price.

Noremac Pastoral, Bordertown, sold 151 Johnos-blds at $300, while Eura Carla, Padthaway, achieved the same price for 140 Paxton, Moorundie Park-blds.

While there was very strong results at the top end, there was still good interest throughout the sale with the bulk of the second selling between $270-$300.

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