First Limestone Coast beef forum a success

First limestone coast beef forum seen as a success


A first time beef producers forum near Bordertown has been hailed a success.


ABOUT 50 beef cattle producers from the Limestone Coast have been given an intensive lesson in how to assess their stock to improve profitability and sustainability.

The inaugural Limestone Coast beef producers forum was held at Allendale, near Bordertown, and attendees were able to hear from some of the leading thinkers in herd improvement and profitability and learn what's happening in the beef industry in other parts of the world.

The speakers included well known Vic producer and consultant Jason Trompf, who runs the Bred Well, Fed Well course across Australia.

Joining him was Ant Uren, who is the manager of Ongi and Doughby Mountain stations near Walcha, NSW, which are owned by TA Fields Estate & Co.

Mr Uren spoke about how they have used crossbreeding to effectively raise profitability in their cattle herd.

Tom Green manages the TFI's Iranda Feedlot at Tintinara. He also spokes about his overseas Nuffield Scholarship trip, where he looked at cattle operations.

The forum was hosted by Alastair Day, Allendale Poll Hereford stud, who said the idea came from a discussion with other breeders.

"Our group of Hereford breeders, Herefords SA, felt that we weren't really doing anything," he said.

"So we felt if we're going to do something, let's do it properly.

"That's why we got those top speakers in from throughout Australia, and it's turned into a really successful day."

Mr Day said while the idea came from a group of Hereford breeders, they wanted the forum to be for all producers.

"Today wasn't about Herefords, it was about beef cattle and making them more productive and efficient," he said.

"There's so much to learn, and really we've all got a common goal, and we can work together and help each other with a bit of information and make it better for everyone."

There are plans to make the forum a regular event held every two years.

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