Solid demand underpins Crystal Brook market

Solid demand underpins Crystal Brook market


THERE were strong results across the board for vendors at the Crystal Brook market on Wednesday.


THERE were strong results across the board for vendors at the Crystal Brook market on Wednesday.

In a quality yarding of close to 4000 sheep, young ewes sold to $244 and 5.5-year-olds sold to $181, while lambs topped at $152.

Combined Independent Agents Association's Craig Barbary said there was good demand for lambs and middle-aged sheep spurred by the strength of the industry, seasonal timing and meat consumption trends.

"There's a lot of optimism out there at the moment, people can see that later on there could be a potential shortage of lambs," he said.

"Lambs are a short-term spin and there's stubbles coming off now, some hay being cut and baled so there's a few paddocks available and demand for lambs is very good.

"Middle-aged sheep were $170-$190 which is not too expensive. You talk to meat buyers and red meat, particularly mutton, is the flavour of the month presently.

"When your selling older sheep for $170-$180 if you're going back into young sheep, you can afford to go back in and buy some high quality."

Topping the ewe section were MDG&KS Thomas, Orroroo, selling 142 September-shorn, April/May 2018-drop Mernowie-blood ewes at $244.

Other 1.5-year-old ewes to sell well included a run of 78 December-shorn, April/May 2018-drop Leahcim-blds from HR&JM Searle, Wilmington, which made $194. The same vendor sold 99 December-shorn, April/May 2016 and 2017-drop Leahcim-blds for $190.

KD Fromm sold 35 July-shorn, August/September 2017-drop Baderloo-blds for $190.

Middle-aged ewes from the west coast attracted good competition with 155 October-shorn, April/May 2016-drop Karawatha Park-blds from TJ&DL Larwood, Buckleboo, making $198 and 107 of their April/May 2015-drops making $184.

Older ewes also sold well - a run of 139 October-shorn, May/June 2014-drop Moorundie Park-bld Merino ewes from Michael and Di Smith, Yackandandah Farming Trust, Hart, selling for $181 to TFI.

TFI also bought 58 June-shorn, 6.5-year-old Glendemar-blds at $150 from B&W Smith, Laura.

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Topping the lamb offering were 141 September-shorn, June/July-drop Border Leicester/Merino lambs from Roseville Farming at $152.

PFT Investments, Stanley Flat, sold 128 unshorn, April/May-drop mixed sex crossbred lambs, approximately 40 kilograms, at $139.

Offering a large run of lambs were AG&P Greig, Crystal Brook, with 137 of their unshorn, April/May-drop Merino wether lambs, approx. 40kgs, making $134.

The same vendor sold another 500 unshorn, April/May-drop wether lambs, in runs of 231 and 269 at the same weights, for $120.

Finishing the sale were six Ramsay Park-bld White Suffolk rams from NJ&SG Ferme, which sold at $500.

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