Gutsy line-up offered at Springvale North auction

Gutsy line-up offered at Springvale auction


Springvale North held its on-property sale at Burra on Friday last week, topping $5600 with a Royal Adelaide Show ram that exuded an elite wool-type.


Springvale North held its on-property sale at Burra on Friday last week, topping $5600 with a Royal Adelaide Show ram that exuded an elite wool-type.

The stud offered 99 rams, clearing 97, to a $5600 top for a $1497 sale average.

The $5600 top price ram was sold to repeat buyer Alan Thomas, a buyer of more than seven years.

The 117-kilogram sire's 19.7 micron fleece measured 3.2 standard deviation, 16.2 coefficient of variation and 99.6 comfort factor.

Sired by SVN 458, a son of Collinsville, Mr Thomas said

Mr Thomas said the ram's constitution would compliment his ewe flock.

"We run about 3000 Merino ewes so we need to secure a fair few rams. We always operate at the top end of the sale because our conditions need rams that will suit the higher rainfall environment," he said.

"We really liked the top price ram because of its free-growing wool and solid structure."

The $4000 second-highest price ram was also sold to Mr Thomas.

Sired by SVN 471, another son of Collinsville 110021, it weighed 116kg and had fleece measurements of 17.7M, 3.0SD, 16.9CV and 99.7CF.

Mr Thomas said the Springvale North rams he had selected had an elite, stylish wool type that matched his breeding goals.

The Thomas family secured a further 11 rams, averaging $2891 across the 12.

Stud co-principal Alex Stockman said consistent buyers helped the sale to remain competitive until the final lot.

"We were lucky to have clients that despite having a tough season, still require fresh and young rams each year," he said.

He said the top price ram was almost the pinnacle type of Springvale North sheep.

"We knew that it was a good ram to head to KI. Its long staple length, white and free-growing wool was just so well suited," he said.

"We have clients that require both free-growing wool for higher rainfall areas and tighter fleeces to keep the dirt out."

Mr Stockman also said after just 9 millimetres of rain was measured until the end of April, the draft's quality was "incredible".

"Rams have been in one paddock until sale day so the sale result speaks for itself," he said.

Sale volume buyer RH Verner and Co, Mallala, bought 16 rams to $2000, averaging $1431.

AD Hutchings & Co, Minnipa, bought eight rams to $3200, averaging $2200.

DW&DM Williams, Carrieton, secured six to $800 and HJ Sargent & Son through Landmark Jamestown bought six rams to $1200, averaging $1133.

GK, JL&JK Noll, Wilmington, bought five to $1900, averaging $1380, while N&C Klingner, Crystal Brook, secured five to $1200, averaging $960.

Landmark stud stock auctioneer Richard Miller said despite multiple northern-based volume buyers "missing in action" because of the seasonal conditions, it had no impact on the sale's great result.

"To finish up with full clearance after the auction had finished was a great result for the Stockmans. They had a gutsy line-up," he said.

"Springvale North are known for offering a consistent line-up with depth and quality all the way through - it showed with the confident bidding.

"The top price ram was large-farmed, square and well-structured. It was also well boned that will cut a lot of wool - it could have easily been sold to a stud."

The sale was conducted by Landmark Burra with Richard Miller as auctioneer.


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