Letters to the editor - Sept 12

Letters to the editor - Sept 12


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It amazes me how farmers constantly whinge about being at the mercy of major corporations, and yet they continue to give them this power.

Why would a beautiful clean and green island continent get involved in something like this?

A golden opportunity to get a premium for our natural produce is now gone for ever.

It's the lure of a quick buck - which is an illusion anyway. Go ask the average farmer in the United States and you will find out.

Once you go down that track, there is no turning back. These big companies have you at their mercy.

It is these exact same "forward thinking" SA farmers who decided to sell off our farmer-owned bulk handling system to a major corporation a few years back, creating a monopoly that works against us.

Short-term gain for long-term pain.

This is more than a financial issue though.

We will now have "bumper to bumper" road trains on EP as a direct result of that decision.

And as for GM - it might still look like "wheat", but it won't be. Breeding and genetic modification are not the same thing.

The human body will not recognise it and health issues have already been proven. God got it right and you cannot improve it.

Remember God also said: "The love of money is the root of all evil".

I rest my case.

Andrew Arbon,

Port Lincoln.


Decisions are a conclusion or a resolution made after consideration and the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.

A consequence is the result or effect of a decision, either one that is expected or unexpected.

Questions are used to elicit information, gather knowledge and to raise a matter requiring resolution or further discussion.

An answer is a reaction to a question, statement or situation and is given as a solution to a dilemma or an issue.

The Thevenard Marine Offloading Facility was a decision of great foresight and courage to develop a project which would have long-term positive effects on our community.

Employment, provision of required services, much needed income for our council and providing an environment to attract fishing companies, are just a few of the many consequences that would result from this facility being established.

Since its inception there have been many difficulties and problems, both real and imagined, that have resulted in a range of challenges our council has had to face and overcome, which has been done in a highly commendable and successful manner.

There are however concerns about some of the consequences.

At a recent special Ceduna District Council meeting, held on August 30, approval was given to amend the TMOF capital expenditure budget from $15,684,345 to $16,453,346, due to increased costs.

The initial estimate in 2015 was for the project to cost $9.68 million, which after a redesign was then increased to $11.2m. As a result of this latest increase, the project has seen a 70 per cent cost escalation since its inception.

Despite this, it will still be a magnificent addition to our local community and must be finished to the highest standard possible without any temptations to cut costs, but its burgeoning cost raises genuine concerns for ratepayers as to how these recent increases will be paid for.

It was stated in the mayor's message, the loan will be repaid through user charges for the facility and not through ratepayer funds.

Up until this recent increase, council has committed to long-term loans, at exceedingly low interest rates, to pay off this debt, without imposing a direct cost to ratepayers.

I trust they will continue with this option.

Ian Macgowan,



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