Standout Jacko wins big in led steers

Adelaide Show: Simmental Jacko wins grand champion

Royal Adelaide Show Cattle

Glental Partnership broke through to win the grand champion in the led steer competition.


AFTER several year's of winning the champion and reserve champion export class led steer, Glental Partnership was delivered its first grand champion ribbon during the led steer on hoof judging.

Judge Matthew Spry, Woolsworths senior livestock manager, said the July, 2018-drop Simmental steer was a "standout".

"I loved the body and maturity pattern, that depth of volume, capacity and carcase," he said.

"It has a really beautiful body, plenty of muscle and plenty of yield."

The 670 kilogram steer was previously judged as export champion and had a rib fat of 13 millimetres, 16mm rump fat and a 109 centimetre-square eye muscle area.

Breeder Lewis Bruggemann, Wilmington, said the win was "marvellous".

"We lost a very dear friend Grant Jackson to cancer, and this steer is named after him, so it was a very special moment," he said.

Reserve export steer was Limousin Maryvale Colin, exhibited by Mount Compass Area School and bred by B&C Vogt, Kapunda.

The March, 2018-drop steer weighed 656kg with 14mm rump fat, 10mm rib fat and 125sqcm EMA.

Mr Spry said the steer was well balanced, with a big eye muscle and softness.

One year after winning reserve champion heavy domestic and two years after winning the overall grand champion, Thomas Spence, Keith, claimed another visit to the winners circle, winning champion heavy domestic led steer with Mandayen Spence's Loyal Jack P134, bred by Mandayen stud, Keith.

The 486kg, August, 2018-drop steer had 8mm rump fat, 7mm rib fat and 90sqcm EMA.

Mr Spry said it was a calf that appealed to him.

"It stuck in my mind all day, and I am sticking with my first impression," he said.

"It had plenty of width, volume and depth and was really well covered.

"Wow, it's impressive."

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Reserve in the heavy domestic went to Thomas's father Jono Spence, Keith, with a September 2018-drop 514kg Limousin, Mandayen Spence's Big Red, also from Mandayen stud.

The steer had 11mm rump fat, 7mm rib fat and 103sqcm EMA.

Mr Spry said it was an animal with "plenty of carcase" and "eye appeal".

Keeping it in the family, the champion light domestic led steer went to Zanna Spence, Keith, for another Mandayen animal, Mandayen Spence's Sneaky Pickle P235.

Last year, Zanna won the grand champion and heavy domestic champion.

The steer, an October 2018-drop, weighed 412kg with 6mm rump fat, 4mm rib fat and 94sqcm EMA.

Mr Spry said the steer showed "plenty of carcase", with good shape.

A December 2018-drop, 431kg Simmental steer, shown by TR&EA Baker, Millicent, claimed the reserve light domestic champion ribbon.

Woonallee Popcorn P523 has a 7mm rump fat, 6mm rib fat and 75sqcm EMA and was praised by Mr Spry as being "right on the money" and a "stylish" calf.

Mr Spry said the key aspects he was considering when judging were the same he put to work when buying cattle for the supermarket chain.

"You want good eating quality traits, yield, even fat distribution, and cattle with carcase and shape in the hindquarter," he said.

He said he had been stumped a few times in classes by the consistent quality on display but was impressed by the standard.

"I'm super happy with what we got out in the ring," he said.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to show of the red meat sector."

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