Averages lift on Galaxy Park's two breed offering

Top White Suffolk sire hits $2000 at Galaxy Park's Tintinara sale


LOYAL buyers bid with confidence at Galaxy Park's 18th annual production sale at Tintinara last Friday, pushing both the White Suffolk and Prime SAMM average up more than $160 on last year's result.



                   2019             2018

White Suffolks

Offered     78                 98

Sold           60                 75

Top             $2000          $1500(3)

Av               $1106            $939

Prime SAMM

Offered    30                  30

Sold          17                  19

Top            $1300           $1500

Av               $1011           $923

LOYAL buyers bid with confidence at Galaxy Park and Fingerpost's 18th annual production sale at Tintinara last Friday, pushing both the White Suffolk and Prime SAMM averages up more than $100 on last year's result.

But the number of rams that the Gale family sold was back on last year due to the season.

In the breakdown 60 of 78 White Suffolks averaged $1106 and 17 of 30 Prime SAMM rams averaged $1011.

Regular top-end supporters the Beggs family, Reedy Creek and Greenways, again set the pace paying $2000 for the sale topper, lot 29.

The ram had a carcase plus index of 208.4, including a post weaning weight value of 17.57.

They took home two other White Suffolks at $1900 to put over their first cross ewes aiming to produce a 28-29kg carcase weight lamb.

BC&DK Richardson, Tintinara, were the dominant White Suffolk buyer with nine rams to $1400 twice,averaging $1178.

Mount Boothby Pastoral, Tintinara, secured six rams averaging $1317, all from the younger drop rams which were offered at the start of the catalogue.

The majority of the rams remained in the South East but for the second year in a row HB Vanrenen, Logan, Vic, paid the top price in the Prime SAMM offering where bidding was far less free flowing than the White Suffolks.

The Vanrenens pay $1300 for lot 88, a 20.8 micron ram with wool test including a standard deviation of 3.5 and 99.5 per cent comfort factor.

The GP256 son impressed the Vanrenens for its "soft handling wool", a trait that the Gales have long been recognised for in the showring at both the Royal Adelaide Show and Australian Sheep & Wool Show, Bendigo, Vic.

The Vanrenens bought five rams for a $1020 average.

The Beggs family raised their hand for the first time in Galaxy Park's Prime SAMM offering after previously using Dohnes on a portion of their flock.

They bought seven rams from $800 to $1200.

Geoff Gale was pleased with the strong competition on the White Suffolks but said the sale ran out of buyers late in the catalogue.

"We were expecting a tough year with a lot of ewes sold so there is not the need for rams, lots have even got rid of their 4.5 year olds (ewes)," he said.

Elders auctioneer Steven Doecke said it was a "very pleasing result".

"The support from loyal clients was strong and they were able to buy at a very reasonable commercial basis," he said..

"The buyers picked through the catalogues, they knew what they wanted."

Mr Doecke said SAMM buyers were chasing a "specific type of sheep" and were happy to pay for that.

Elders and Landmark were joint selling agents.

Galaxy Park will hold its Monarto ram sale on Tuesday, September 17, offering 100 White Suffolks.


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