Ag students prepare to grow industry future | PHOTOS

Ag students prepare to grow industry future | PHOTOS


Ag students gained insight into their potential future at the AUASA event.


"AG IS where it's at," according to rural journalist and emcee Leigh Radford.

Speaking at the fourth annual Growing the Future event, organised by the Adelaide University Agriculture Students Association, Mr Radford said there had been a shift in popularity and status for the industry.

"This is a room full of people who are the future of Australian agriculture and potentially international ag," he said.

The event, which was held at the Adelaide Oval, bought together students studying agriculture with industry representatives for a chance to learn about future career options.

AUASA president Jack Gladstone said the event served as a good opportunity for young people in ag to get a "foot in the door" and build networks.

"It's an investment by industry to bridge that gap between the next generation coming through and those already established," he said.

The night also included two panels discussing challenges facing agriculture, including the need for food and fibre education, and the potential for new technology.

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar also spoke about his experience in the industry.

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