Ouyen breaks saleyard lamb record

Ouyen breaks saleyard lamb record


The Ouyen saleyards lamb price record was broken on Thursday.



Yarding: 11,544

Crossbred lambs to $305

Merino lambs to $243

A SALEYARD record price of $305 was achieved for lambs at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange, Vic, on Thursday last week.

The top 39 crossbreds were offered by Hahnel Nominees, Timberoo, Vic, who also sold 75 Merino lambs at the sale top price of $243.

Overall, lambs were $20 a head to $40/hd dearer on a quality basis.

Export lambs sold from $230-$305 or $8.20 a kilogram-$9/kg; trade types sold from $170-$257 or $8.30-$10.25/kg; and stores made $73-$150 or $8-$9.20/kg.

Making $300/hd were K&P Kelly, Werrimull, Vic, with 57 crossbred lambs, and Latta Girls, Walpeup, Vic, with 16 crossbreds.

P&B O'Brien, Speed, sold 67 crossbred lambs at $298, while IR Arney, Werrimull, sold 48 at $292 and ALB Farms, Tempy, Vic, sold 80 crossbred lambs at $290.

Kulwin Ag, Kulwin, Vic, sold 54 crossbred lambs at $286; MG Lynch, Morkalla, Vic, sold 121 crossbreds at $285; and EN Boseley, Underbool, Vic, sold 18 crossbred lambs at $285.

K&A Hayter, Underbool, sold 98 crossbred lambs at $280, while Monaghan Unit Trust, Tempy, received $276 for 83 head.

All receiving $275 for crossbred lambs were J&A Frankle, Patchewollock, Vic, with 50 head, Waymel, Ouyen, with 46 and G Burns, Tempy, with 27 head.

Heavy Merinos sold from $220-$243 or $7.80-$8.30/kg, while lighter types made $60-$175 or $8-$8.20/kg.

N&R Monaghan, Tempy, sold 75 Merino lambs at $238, while IR Arney, Werrimull, received $233 for 55 Merino lambs, and Oakridge, Yarrara, Vic, sold 35 Merino lambs at $230.

Heavy mutton sold from $150-$228 or $5.80-$6.30/kg, while light mutton made $65-$160 or $4.50-$6.80/kg.

Dorper lambs were also offered, with Flagstaff Farms, Merrinee, Vic, receiving $240 for 42, while Tri Aqua Farms, Menindee, NSW, sold 31 at $232.

MGN Gibbons, Galah, Vic, sold 52 Dorper lambs at $228, while BJ Smith, Wentworth, NSW, sold 46 at $215.

The next Ouyen sale is scheduled for Thursday, June 13.


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