Naracoorte prices stay strong

Naracoorte prices stay strong


Steers sold to $3.44 a kilogram at Naracoorte yesterday.


PRICES were firm to better at the combined agents store sale in Naracoorte yesterday, where steers sold to $3.44 a kilogram.

Elders auctioneer Ronnie Dix said despite the 2500 head being one of the largest yardings in recent years, "except for traditional weaner sales", competition was still strong, particularly from feedlotters.

"Many feedlotters were buying among the 300kg pens, which we haven't seen for awhile, including Elders Adelaide, Thomas Foods International and Landmark Adelaide," he said.

Making the top dollar/kg price was Yalkuri, Narrung, for 29 May/June 2018-drop grassfed PCAS Angus steers, weighing 249kg, at $1010.

Yalkuri also sold 37 weighing 286kg at $900 or $3.15/kg.

Also selling well were 11 Yalkuri Angus/Raven Limo Flex-blood steers, 346kg, from El Toro Graziers, Meningie, which made $1140 or $3.30/kg.

Aladan Park, Meningie, sold 16 March/April 2018-drop Coolana-bld Angus-cross steers, 359kg, at $1175 or $3.27/kg; while Tatiara Pastoral, Meningie, sold 17 May-drop PCAS Coolana-blds, 316kg, at $1030 or $3.26/kg.

Tatiara Pastoral also sold 11 at 290kg for $870 or $3/kg.

Moyhall Pastoral, Naracoorte, sold 21 April/May 2018-drop Angus-cross at $1260 or $3.26/kg and 32 weighing 375kg at $1210 or $3.23/kg.

Naranga Pastoral, Field, sold 34 July/August-drop Stoney Point-bld EU/PCAS Angus steers, 282kg, at $910 or $3.23/kg and another 19 at 276kg for $850 or $3.08/kg.

Elders Lucindale's Ronnie Dix sold these 17 Shorthorn heifers from Newenham, Strathalbyn, at $1050 or $2.85/kg at Naracoorte on Thursday last week.

Elders Lucindale's Ronnie Dix sold these 17 Shorthorn heifers from Newenham, Strathalbyn, at $1050 or $2.85/kg at Naracoorte on Thursday last week.

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Mr Dix said the heifers were also up to 40 cents/kg dearer, consistently $2.75-$2.80/kg, particularly those with frame and condition.

Naranga sold some of the top heifers, with its 24 July/August-drop Stoney Point-blds weighing 270kg making $780 or $2.88/kg.

Also to make $2.88/kg were 17 May/June 2018-drop PCAS Angus, 316.5kg, from Carcoola Pastoral, Penola.

Newenham sold 17 Shorthorn heifers, 369kg at 13-14 months old, for $1050 or $2.85/kg and 28 weighing 348kg at $985 or $2.83/kg.

AR&JA Legoe, Lucindale, sold seven April/May 2018-drop EU/PCAS Angus-Simmental heifers, 270kg, at $760 or $2.82/kg, and another 10 weighing 233kg at $490 or $2.10/kg.

Menalpyn, Meningie, sold 14 July/August-drop Lancaster Black Simmental-bld heifers, 315kg, at $890 or $2.83/kg; while DE Pastoral, Penola, sold nine May/June 2018-drop PCAS Angus heifers, 321.1kg, at $2.82/kg.

There was a small amount of cows and calves offered.

Nunn's Run, Keith, sold eight Hereford-cross cows with fresh calves at-foot and depastured to a Coolana bull at $890.

The best unit price of $1400 went to 14 Simmental cows with 15 Simmental CAF dispersed by Elaine Sleep, Penola.

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