Ouyen crossbred lambs peak at $279

Ouyen crossbred lambs peak at $279


Crossbred lambs sold to $279 at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange, Vic, on Thursday last week.



Yarding: 11,411

Crossbred lambs to $279

Heavy Merinos to $230

Mutton to $207

A HIGH quality yarding and strong competition among buyers led to higher prices at the Ouyen Livestock Exchange, Vic, on Thursday last week, where crossbred lambs sold to $279.

IR Arney, Werrimull, Vic, sold the 120-head top run, while MG Lynch, Morkalla, Vic, sold 210 crossbreds at $270 and another 171 at $267.

G&L Bate, Mildura, Vic sold 72 crossbred lambs at $269, while MJ Brown, Underbool, Vic, sold 62 at $267.

Hahnel Nominees, Timberoo, Vic, sold 76 crossbred lambs at $266, while D&B Smith, Patchewollock, Vic, sold 106 at $263.

Overall, export crossbred lambs sold from $194-$279, or $7.10 a kilogram to $8/kg.

Trade types sold from $150-$222 or $7.40-$8.60/kg, while lighter lots made $45-$152 or $7.50-$9/kg.

Heavy Merinos made from $150-$230 or $7.10-$7.50/kg, while lighter types sold from $80-$147 or $6.40-$7.50/kg.

Hahnel Nominees sold 67 Merinos at $223, while N&R Monaghan, Tempy, Vic, sold 60 at $218.

Heavy mutton sold from $131-$207 ($5.40-$6.40/kg, while lighter types made $24-$140 or $5.20-$5.50/kg.

P&K Willersdorf, Murrayville, Vic, sold 22 mutton at $204, while Timberoo Pastoral Company, Timberoo, sold 40 at $198.

Dorper lambs were also offered, with G&L Bate selling 55 at $205; Serenity Holdings, Meringur, Vic, sold 61 at $200; and Hulland Holdings, Patchewollock, sold 214 at $200.


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