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Profitability increase through data capture

DATA CAPTURE: Electronic identification increases profitability through improved and more efficient livestock management.

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Since 2011, Shearwell Australia has been producing sheep tags, handling systems and software based around electronic identification and is one of the leaders in the fields of data capture and data transfer in the livestock industry.

"Electronic identification increases both traceability and profitability through improved and more efficient livestock management," a Shearwell spokesman said. "We never settle for second-best."

To address the increased consumer and regulatory demand for traceability, Shearwell has been pioneering electronic identification around the world.

All Shearwell products are tested on their own farm with the aim of improving livestock handling and profitability. For Shearwell it is essential to get the products right and carry out tasks efficiently.

"We hope that the solid reputation we have for customer service and a quality range of products will continue to grow in Australia as it has in other countries."

Shearwell SET tags for sheep identification are light, durable and easy to apply one-piece ear tags.

Retention of the tag is extremely important to us and trials have shown 99.5 per cent retention over three years with 50,000 tags. Shearwell also has one of the best turnaround times for tags in Australia and is able to dispatch tags within 3 days.

"The popularity of these tags is unparalleled, with more than 80 million sold in the past five years alone," the spokesman said.

"Our visual and electronic tags are identical, with an RFID chip fitting securely into a chamber of the electronic tag. The inner surfaces of the tag are smooth and rounded to avoid pinch points and reduce the risk of infection.

GROWING: Shearwell hopes its reputation for customer service and a range of products continues to grow.

Both RFID and visual tags are laser-etched for easy reading throughout the life of the animal.

An electronic animal ID gives you permanent record keeping. They allow producers to collect and record animal data consistently for all statutory record-keeping requirements and then turn that data into useful and usable information. This will help them to keep making those right choices and make more profit.

The RIFD tags can be used together with a variety of different reading and recording devices such as stick readers, drafting and weigh crates, race readers, panel readers and mobile phone apps.

The data captured from the RFID ear tags can then be transferred to your office computer or database for management and statutory purposes.

Tagging your animals with electronic ear tags opens the doors to a system where information on your animals - your information - is available when and where you want it to make better-informed and more profitable decisions.

This is advertiser content for Shearwell Australia.