Good competition pushes SE steers to $1414

Naracoorte steers top at $1414


Good lines of well-presented cattle attracted strong competition from regular feedlot buyers and restockers at the monthly Naracoorte store sale.

  • Yarding: 1202
  • 625 steers to $1414
  • 577 heifers to $1020

THE 1202 head of cattle offered at the monthly Naracoorte store cattle sale on Wednesday last week far exceeded the advertised yarding of 500, but demand held up well.

Good lines of well-bred and well-presented cattle sold to strong competition from regular feedlot buyers and restockers.

The majority of cattle offered were Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme eligible with Grass Fed Only status, reflecting in the prices paid.

Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen the majority of the yearding, with agent Ray Jaensch more than happy with the result.

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He said cattle sold extremely well with good feedlotter competition. Teys Charlton bought the majority of the heavier cattle, while lighter cattle sold well to strong demand from local graziers.

Heavy steers weighing more than 450 kilograms sold from $2.90/kg to $3.10/kg, while those weighing 360-450kg made $2.88-$3.22/kg and steers weighing 320-360kg sold at $2.30-$3.11/kg. Lighter steers, 280-320kg, sold from $2.20-$3.05/kg and those under 280kg made $2.00-$2.84/kg.

Riverside Holdings, Parrakie, sold 14 European Union-accredited, PCAS, February-April 2017-drop Bayview, Bundaleer and Broughton Park-blood Shorthorn steers weighing 456.4kg at $3.10/kg or $1415, and a 425.5kg second draft at $3.10/kg or $1319 to Princess Royal, Burra.

PB&KM Derrington sold 16 PCAS Angus steers, 296-372kg, averaging $910. Their 372kg top draft sold at $1370 or $2.90/kg to Teys Australia.

Arthur Facey Pty Ltd, Millicent, sold 83 PCAS, March/April 2018-drop, Simmental-cross steers weighing 363-445kg, for an average of $1224. Elders Deniliquin, NSW, bought the first three pens, paying $1330 or $2.98/kg for the 446kg top draft, while Teys Australia bought 32, 363kg steers at $1170 or $3.22/kg.

Teys Australia bought 188 steers in total, including five 424kg Angus at $1220 or $2.88/kg from R James; 11 PCAS Newland Park and Pathfinder-bld March/April 2018-drop Angus, 397kg, from AP Manning & GM Shallow at $1260 or $3.17/kg, and nine PCAS, Yalkuri-blood, May/June 2018-drop Angus, 371kg, at $1090 or $2.94/kg from Unalla Holdings.

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It was also the winning bidder for seven Allendale and Bloomfield-bld, May/June 2019-drop PCAS Angus steers, 353kg, sold by Karatta Pastoral, Binnum, at $990 or $2.80/kg, 11 March/April 2018-drop PCAS Angus-crosses weighing 375kg from Leinad Farms at $3.12/kg or $1170 and 19 May 2018-drop, PCAS, TeMania-bld Angus steers, 326kg, at $860 or $2.64/kg from Swiss Australia Farms 'Glenstrae'.

Yalkuri, Narrung, sold 62 Yalkuri-bld, May/June 2018-drop, PCAS Angus steers, 323-339kg, av $969. The top draft sold to Teys Australia at $1040 or $3.07/kg.

Commission buyer Geoff Wellington bought 77 steers for the Oster Family Trust, including 11 May/June 2018-drop PCAS, Coolana and Lancaster Black Simmental-bld steers, 320kg, from Moonee Hills at $880 or $2.74/kg, eight May/June 2018-drop, PCAS Angus-crosses, 318kg, from Yarcoola for $900 or $2.83/kg and 16 Yalkuri andAllendale-bld May/June 2018-drop PCAS Angus-crosses, 323kg, from Yalkuri at $900 or $2.78/kg.

SA&GE Smith, Lucindale, sold 66 PCAS, EU, April-July 2018-drop Angus steers, weighing 258-367kg, av $982. Their top draft made $3.15/kg or $1157 to Thomas Foods International.

JK&MJ Moore, Penola, sold 29 PCAS Simmental-cross and Angus-cross steers, 349-359kg, av $1025. Their tops were bought by Creek Livestock at $2.84/kg or $1019.


Prices for lighter heifers only just remained above the $2/kg barrier, with the lightest heifers, those under 280kg, making $2.08-$2.37/kg. Pens in the 280-320kg range made $2.07-$2.61/kg, those 320-360kg sold for $2.20-$2.65/kg and heavier heifers, 360-450kg, returned $2.19-$2.72/kg.

Zacker Pastoral, Tintinara, sold 21 PCAS, March/April 2018-drop, Bull Oak Well-bld Angus heifers weighing 380kg at $1020 or $2.68/kg to J&F Australia, with a 368kg second draft selling to John Chay Livestock at $1000 or $2.72/kg.

John Chay also bought 27 PCAS, Coolana and Stoney Point-bld Angus heifers, 327kg, from Brackenlea at $1020 or $2.68/kg.

P&K Bryson sold 41 PCAS, EU, March/April 2018-drop Coolana and Stoney Point-bld Angus heifers, 245-351kg, av $721, with the tops making $910 or $2.59/kg to TFI.

AJ Nankivell sold 12 PCAS, March/April 2018-drop Allendale and Days Whiteface-blood Hereford heifers, 372.5kg, at $916.35 or $2.46/kg to TFI

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Duck Island sold 18 PCAS, EU, March/April 2018-drop Duck Island-blood Angus heifers, 295kg, at $770 or $2.61/kg, 13 Angus-cross heifers, 318kg, at $770 or $2.42/kg and 20 Angus and Angus-cross heifers, 282kg, at $730 or $2.59/kg, with the entire line bought by Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen, Naracoorte.

Carcoola sold 17 PCAS, March/April 2018-drop Angus heifers, 333.8kg, at $2.65/kg or $888 to Scott Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier, while JK&MJ Moore, Penola, sold 17 PCAS Angus-cross heifers, 334.1kg, at $2.58/kg or $863 to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson Keith.

SA&GE Smith, Lucindale, had 25 PCAS, EU, April/May 2018-drop Angus-cross heifers, 246-295kg, av $535, with the top draft bought by Southern Australian Livestock, Naracoorte, at $637 or $2.16/kg.

MJ Black & Co sold 42 PCAS, EU, April/May 2018-drop Angus-cross heifers, 259-287kg, av $535. Their offering topped at $669 or $2.17/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson, Penola.

Bunn Springs sold 59 EU Angus heifers, 343-453kg, to $946 or $2.90/kg, av $814.


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