'Save Our Mates' campaign hits the peninsulas

Tackling mental health, tradie style


The travelling men's mental health campaign 'Save Our Mates' is due to hit the road for a second time next week.


Following a highly successful first roadshow which was attended by more than 500 people, the 'Save Our Mates' men's mental health campaign is travelling across the Yorke and Eyre peninsulas next week for round two, this time with a focus on tradesmen.

The roadshow has been designed to improve the mental health of men of all ages, through a series of free talks which aim to "help blokes look out for their mates".

Jeremy Forbes, co-founder of 'Hope Assistance Local Tradies', an organisation that advocates for mental health awareness in the trade industry, will be the presenter for next week's roadshow.

Sessions will be held at various hardware stores.

I want people to come along and learn that it's OK to talk and it's okay to be vulnerable. - JEREMY FORBES

Mr Forbes said that the campaign was a good way to educate people men on how to have the tough conversations.

"The shows aim to break down the toxic masculine culture of 'she'll be right', and teach people how to listen and how to help," he said.

"I want people to come along and learn that it's OK to talk and it's okay to be vulnerable. For me as a tradie I wish I could have gone somewhere years ago to talk to someone about what's out there."

Mr Forbes said the presentations were not supposed to be daunting.

"There's no judgement on the guys coming along, and no one will be forced to talk in the sessions," he said. 

"It's a social thing as well. Just come along, have a free feed and enjoy the company of others, there's no obligation to stay any longer than you want to."

The campaign will follow a route similar to the February shows, kicking off in Kadina on Monday, March 18, before travelling across the Eyre and Yorke peninsulas and concluding with a final session in Port Lincoln on Friday March 22.

  • Details: saveourmates.com.au

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