Prices tumble at Mount Gambier's March sale

Top steers make $1420 at Mount Gambier sale


PRICES fell up to 30 cents a kilogram at the Mount Gambier combined agents' monthly store cattle sale on Friday with a much bigger yarding than advertised.



Yarding: 2892

Steers to $1420

Heifers to $1110

Cows with calves to $1420

PRICES fell up to 30 cents a kilogram at the Mount Gambier combined agents' monthly store cattle sale on Friday with a much bigger yarding than advertised.

The 2892-head yarding was 1100 more than expected a week earlier as many producers assessed their dwindling paddock feed after a long, hot summer.

"Grain, hay and silage is expensive so they would rather offload their little cattle than feed them," Landmark Keatley's Dale Keatley said.

Mr Keatley said heavier black steers were "not a lot cheaper" than the February sale but secondary plain condition cattle fell considerably, with little heifers up to $100 cheaper.

"Little steers were all making around $700 but those steers last month could have been $750 to $760," he said.

"Some of the vendors would have been slightly disappointed but were saying 'it is what it is' and at least they don't have to feed them tomorrow."

A pen of seven Herefords from AB,BF&SD Feast took the $1420 steer top price honours.

The 16 month-olds which weighed 546kg were knocked down to Elders Mount Gambier account Smith.

They also bought Feasts' seconds at $1370.

Warreanga, Mount Gambier, topped the Angus steer offering at $1250 with 18 Angus and Angus cross steers weighing 459kg.

The 16-18 month old, Argyllshire blds sold to TDC Penola.

Brooklyn, sold eight 12-14 month old Angus-Hereford steers for $1230 to Thomas Foods International.

Young Angus steers from Dukalskis Farming, Mumbannar, were in strong demand with the 11-12 month old, Pathfinder and Te Mania blds averaging $1095.

Dukalskis Farming's 24 tops which made $1170 were among the few pens to crack $3/kg.

La-Lee, Glenburnie, also had an impressive draft of Te Mania and Boonaroo Angus blds with their 63 head topping at $1190 and averaging $1061.

The annual draft of Shorthorn and Charolais-Shorthorns from Patanga Pastoral Company, Avenue Range, were a highlight of the yarding with 109 March-April 2018 drop steers averaging $1064. 

The tops- seven Charolais-Shorthorns weighing 419kg made $1230 (2.94/kg), while the tops of the Yamburgan and South Bundara bld Shorthorns made $1110.

Patanga also sold nine Charolais-Shorthorn heifers at $820.

'The market was back a fraction today but it was pleasing to see a lot of repeat buyers interested in our cattle," Patanga's Keith Higgins said.

Most heifers traded around $2.20/kg but a few pens of plain heifers sold down to $140 getting the crowd talking.

MS Bowyer & Co, Robe, was among the exceptions receiving $1110 for 15 EU accredited, Pathfinder bld Angus heifers or $2.72/kg.

The top pen of cows with calves were two Angus third calvers from GK&EM Dycer which made $1420 to O'Connor & Graney account Bignell.


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