Feedlotters line rails at Naracoorte

Naracoorte steers to $1395


FEEDLOT interest was its strongest in six months at the Naracoorte combined agents' monthly store cattle sale on Thursday with Angus steers hitting $3/kg and other coloured steers making $2.80/kg to $2.95/kg.



Yarding: 1748

Steers to $1395, av $944

Heifers to $1160, av $789

PTIC females to $1160, av $984

FEEDLOT interest was its strongest in six months at the Naracoorte combined agents' monthly store cattle sale on Thursday with Angus steers hitting $3/kg and other coloured steers making $2.80/kg to $2.95/kg.

The 1748-head yarding was nearly double the advertised numbers, with the long hot summer and dwindling paddock feed and forcing South East producers and those as far afield as Yorke Peninsula to offload.

Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen's Richard Harvie said the market was fully firm on the last January sale.

There was strong competition from JBS Australia, Teys Charlton, Thomas Foods International as well as Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier all buying in the 340 kilogram plus bracket.

"There were still opportunities for little cattle at $600 to $700 but there was not much under $500, whereas in the rest of the country there are a lot for less than $500," he said.

Mr Harvie said the heifer job was also "better than expected" with most fetching $2.40/kg to $2.65/kg.

The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator has dropped to its lowest levels in almost four years but Mr Harvie foresees some "dramatic rises" in the market in the next two to four months, the feeder market would be the first to move followed by cows.

"In July, August, September and October I can't see lots of good fat cattle being around unless we get widespread rain and the long range forecast isn't looking that promising," he said.

M&D Holland, Willalooka, sold the $1395 top priced steers, 19 April-May 2017 drop Angus-Herefords.

The 474kg sold to TFI.

Also among the best prices Moya Trading, Naracoorte, received $1385 for eight 509 kilogram Angus.

Parilla Premium Potatoes, Parilla, offered the sale's heaviest pen of steers with its 15 rising three-year-old Bull Oak Well blds weighing 547kg.

These made $1300 to Creek Livestock.

Among the highest cents a kilogram rates were 26 Pathfinder blood, March-April 2018 drop, Angus steers from Boolara Props, Coonawarra, which made $3.19/kg.

Green Triangle Livestock Mount Gambier's Chris Manser bought these EU accredited cattle which equated to to $1027.

It also bought Boolara's seconds- 26 weighing 279.2kg for $3.12/kg.

Elders Deniliquin was also a major buyer with 174 head for a feeder order.

It put together including two impressive pens of 9-10 month-old Murray Greys from BN&LK Luke, Bangham.

The 21 383kg sold for $1080, while another 22 made $950.

Quarpena Pastoral, Naracoorte, impressed with its complete drop of February-March 2018 drop Angus.

Their 42 steers topped at $1350 for a $1230 av, while the 42 heifers topped at $1045.

Another top weaner offering came from Karatta Pastoral, Binnum, with 26 Angus-Simmental cross steers weighing 377kg making $1130.

Good quality heifers meeting feedlot weights made up to $2.70/kg.

Goonamurra, Willalooka, claimed the top price double with the highest priced pen of PTIC females and also the top unmated heifers, both of which were knocked down at $1160.

It was part of a dispersal sale after selling the property.

The 16 Angus due with their third calf from mid May to Stoney Point bulls were knocked down to Elders Bordertown, while Elders Deniliquin bought Goonamurra's unmated heifers which weighed 424kg.

CJ&KA Bailey, Wimberina Angus, Penola, received $2.70/kg for five 412kg Angus to Garrison feedlot, equating to $1112.

AT&RA Bradey, Kaniva, Vic, sold two pens of September 2017 drop, Newry bld Angus to $973.

TFI snapped up the first 20 weighing 371.5kg for $2.62/kg, while Platinum Livestock Clare were successful on 16 weighing 351kg for $2.58/kg.

The majority of the light weight heifers made $2.30/kg to $2.50/kg.

Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson's Darren Maney said it was a very good February yarding and was surprised by the heavy weights in many of the cattle. 

He quoted the sale as fully firm on the last January sale but the feedlot cattle may have been 10c/kg 

"The one big change was four or five big feedlotters putting their hands up on the feeders which is the first time we have seen that number since August- September," he said.

"I can't find anyone who doesn't think there will be a shortage of prime cattle from May to October so it makes sense if you have the capacity to feed cattle to have it loaded up as much as you can."


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