Barossa Jerseys gain double victory

Barossa Jerseys gain double victory


BAROSSA Valley Jersey stud Ashtaney has claimed a double victory in the Mount Compass Jersey Cattle Club's heifer competition


BAROSSA Valley Jersey stud Ashtaney has claimed a double victory in the Mount Compass Jersey Cattle Club's heifer competition, winning both the group of three heifers and the best single heifer.

Breeder Andrew Koch, Moculta, said they had joined in the Fleurieu-based competition for about the past five years - alongside four other Barossa Jersey breeders - but this was the first year he had won both competitions.

The winning heifer, Ashtaney Gotcha Fern, was praised by judge Rob Walmsley, Myponga, as a "really correct heifer" that was difficult to fault.

"It had a wide, open chest and dairy strength in its head and neck," he said.

Mr Koch said the heifer had stood out on-farm and also performed well at Royal Adelaide Show and Mount Pleasant Show before this competition.

"It goes back to Fernlea Bushlea - we deliberately bought into the (cow) family because they have bred so consistently," he said.

"We're looking forward to it calving down.

"It's due to calve in June and hopefully will be how we want it for Adelaide (Show)."

Mr Walmsley said the winning three heifers were a nice group of open-ribbed animals.

"They're about 24 months and really well-grown with a nice rump," he said.

Mr Koch said the heifers were selected from five springing heifers, and selected these three for their uniformity.

Second place in the individual heifer competition was Phil Hentchske, Homelands stud, Williamstown, and third place went to Peter and Wendy Ness, Nyowee Jerseys, Mount Compass.

The Ness's also came second in the group of three heifers, while third went to the Brokenshire family, Mount Compass.

This was the final year for the Ness's to compete, but not necessarily the final year for Nyowee Jerseys.

In November, they retired from the industry and sold the stud and cows to Brett and Fiona McKenna.

The cattle have been moved to Meningie for the time being, where Mr Ness and Mr McKenna selected the entries before bringing them back in the trailer.

"In a couple of days, they'll go back to Meningie where they'll have green grass," Mr Ness said.

"It's my swansong in the competition, but not the studs.

"Brett has said he wants to be involved in the cattle club and the heifer competition."

Mr Ness said he had been involved in the competition for nearly 40 years.

"It took me 30-odd years to eventually win it - I've had the champion heifer twice and the best group twice - but God knows how many times I've run second," he said.

"So to go out a bridesmaid is not such a bad thing."

Mr Ness said even though he had retired from milking, he would still have an involvement in the industry.

The former Jersey Australia president said he would still work as a classifier, and continue links with the Central Sires Cooperative and the Mount Compass Jersey Cattle Club.


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