Top F1 females in demand at Mt Gambier

Top F1 females in demand at Mt Gambier


ABOUT 1000 females, either with calves at-foot or pregnancy-tested in-calf, were offered at the Mount Gambier Combined Agents’ female sale on Monday.


ABOUT 1000 females, either with calves at-foot or pregnancy-tested in-calf, were offered at the Mount Gambier Combined Agents’ female sale on Monday.

The tops of the F1 females and the two-year-old PTIC heifers sold very well but the plainer cattle found it tougher going, with prices reflecting quality.

“The PTIC sale was tough enough and agents were hoping for a better result, but the fat market is still dictating prices at the moment,” O’Connor & Graney’s Ben Jones said.

“Given the successful store market last Friday, females sold under expectations today.”

LD Mulraney sold 24 unjoined Angus-Friesian heifers with 24, four to eight-month-old Limousin-cross CAF at an average of $1497, with the top two drafts selling at $2100 and $2040, respectively, to O’Connor & Graney account Considine.

The Mulraneys also sold nine unjoined Hereford-Friesian heifers with nine 4-8mo Limousin-cross CAF at $2020 to Kangarilla.

J&D Telford, Port Macdonnell, sold 13 Angus-Friesian heifers with 13, four to eight-week-old Limousin-cross CAF at $1980 to O’Connor & Graney.

A second draft sold to Green Triangle Livestock at $1860, which also bought the Telfords draft of five Hereford-Friesian heifers with five, 4-8wo Limousin-cross CAF at $1820.

Shandale, Compton, sold four, 2.5-year-old Angus-Friesian heifers, PTIC to Warrawindi Limousin bulls and with 2 CAF, at $1840 to Kevin Norman.

Agents were hoping for a better result but the fat market is still dictating prices. - BEN JONES

Homebush, Hamilton, Vic, sold 13, 2yo Angus heifers, PTIC to Mandayen-blood Limousin bulls, to Landmark at $1400, with a second draft also selling at $1400 to Green Triangle Livestock.

Yarluke, Moorak, sold seven Hereford-Friesian heifers, PTIC to a Limousin bull, to O’Connor & Graney at $1500, while its draft of Shorthorn-Friesian heifers, also PTIC to a Limousin bull, sold to Miller Whan & John at $1900.

Kennion Pastoral, Furner, sold seven Black Simmental-Angus first-calvers, depastured to a Speckle Park bull, to Elders Lucindale’s Scott Christie at $1720.

Banning Partners, Wattle Range, sold 20 Angus-Hereford heifers with Goodnwindi-bld CAF to Southern Australian Livestock at $1800. The heifers had been depastured to Glatz’s Black Angus bulls, followed by Speckle Park bulls.

Elders Mount Gambier bought the next two drafts of Banning Partners’ females – 14 Nampara-bld Angus heifers with 14 Speckle Park CAF at $1600; and 13 Angus heifers with 13 Speckle Park CAF at $1400.

Landmark Mount Gambier bought five Angus cows with five Murray Grey CAF at $1480 and Elders Lucindale bought 47 Belmore-bld Shorthorn heifers with Belmore-bld Shorthorn CAF averaging $1251, with the top draft selling at $1400.

M Black, Allendale East, sold three Angus-Limousin heifers with three Limousin CAF to Elders Mount Gambier at $1900 and seven, 2yo Poll Hereford heifers with Limousin CAF to Elders Dartmoor at $1600.

Kongorong vendor tops PTIC sales

Returning the top price for PTIC females was TB Megaw, Kongorong, who sold 15 Boonaroo and Rennylea-bld Angus heifers, PTIC to Rennylea bulls, at $1930 to Landmark Mount Gambier

M Newcombe, Jeparit, Vic, sold 11 Angus third-calvers, depastured to Black Simmental bulls to Creek Livestock at $1050 and eight Angus sixth-calvers, also depastured to Black Simmental bulls to Thomas Foods for $1000.

Killarnie, Mingbool, sold 145 mixed-age Angus females, PTIC to Boonaroo and Pathfinder-bld bulls, averaging $1568. Its top price pen, a draft of 2015-drop Angus cows, made $1900 to Miller Whan & John.

Reg Edwards sold 76 Herefords, all PTIC to Boonaroo Angus or Warrensville-bld Hereford bulls, averaging $1208.

Landmark Mount Gambier bought his top draft – 12 Hereford fifth-calvers, PTIC to a Warrensville-bld Hereford bull, at $1370.

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Considine Bros sold 15 rising 2yo Hereford heifers, PTIC to Limousin bulls, averaging $1025, as well as 48 Hereford second-calvers, PTIC to Limousin bulls, averaging $1259, with the tops selling to O’Connor & Graney at $1420

It also sold 90 Hereford-cross cows, PTIC to Warrensville Poll Hereford and LimFlex bulls, averaging $1136.  Landmark Casterton, Vic, bought Considine Bros’ top draft of Hereford-cross cows at $1290.

Melville Park, Vasey, Vic, sold 10 rising 2yo European Union-accredited Hereford heifers, joined to Melville Park Hereford Bulls, at $1160 to Elders Casterton and PR Caskey sold 17 unjoined South Devon heifers with 17 Sterita Park-bld CAF at $1220 to Creek Livestock.

Bin Bin, Kingston SE, sold 59 rising 2yo Wongawilli-bld Poll Hereford heifers, PTIC to Wongawilli Poll Hereford bulls, averaging $1210. Elders Lucindale bought five of the six drafts of Bin Bin heifers, topping at $1400 and averaging $1204. Sunray Pastoral, Hatherleigh, paid $1220 for 22 of the Poll Hereford heifers.

Moonlight Trust, Mount Gambier, sold 13 Angus heifers with 14 Boonaroo-bld Angus CAF to Landmark at $1440, and S&H Mules, Tantanoola, sold 12 unjoined Angus-Friesian second to fifth-calvers with 12 Limousin-cross CAF to Landmark Millicent at $1400.

LM Goodridge, Peterborough, sold 44 unjoined 2011 to 2014-drop Hereford cows with 44 Kerlson Pines-bld Hereford CAF averaging $1211. Their top draft of five unjoined 2014-drop Hereford cows with five Kerlson Pines-bld Hereford CAF sold at $1360 to SAL Mt Gambier, while a a second draft sold to Green Triangle Livestock at $1240.


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