Strath steers to $1030

Strath steers to $1030


STEERS reached $1030 a head at the Strathalbyn feature cattle sale today.



Yarding: 1000

Steers to $1030

Heifers to $790

STEERS reached $1030 a head at the Strathalbyn feature cattle sale today, for 13 Angus weaners weighing 366 kilograms, equating to $2.81/kg.

DL&AJS Florance, KI, offered the March/April 2018-drop Mandayen/Raven-bloods, as well as the top price heifers at $790.

The eight weaners, weighing 327kg, also received the top heifer price per kilogram at $2.42/kg.

But the top price per kilogram went to Murray Bridge producer Lewis Thomas, with his fresh red and black steers achieving $2.85/kg.

The largest vendor, the MacDonald family, Blackwood Park, Strathalbyn, sold 193 May/June 2018-drop Granite Ridge-blood Angus steers and heifers.

The steers sold to $930 for 25 at 339kg, equating to $2.74/kg, while the heifers topped at $735 for 36 at 316kg, equating to $2.32/kg.

Will MacDonald said they normally offloaded at this time of year, but feed was tight as well at home.

He sold a further 34 steers weighing 308kg at $850 or $2.75/kg, 30 weighing 290kg at $760 or $2.62/kg, and 13 steers, 254kg, at $655 or $2.57/kg, while the rest of the heifers made $640 for 27 at 285kg or $2.24/kg, and $500 for 25 at 261kg or $1.91/kg.

Elders Strathalbyn branch manager Danny Reynolds said the quality heifers created plenty of interest from the buying fraternity.

“The sale proved to be 10c/kg dearer than expectations on the steers, and possibly 10-15c/kg dearer on the better end of the better heifers,” he said.

“The lighter and plainer steers averaged $2.35-$2.40/kg, while the balance of the heifer job average $2.05-$2.10/kg, with the lighter and plainer types down as low as $1.60/kg.”

Emco Holdings, Milang, also offered a large line of weaners at the sale, mainly Limousin/Shorthorn/Hereford-crosses.

The top 17 steers at 356kg made $920 or $2.58/kg, sold to Thomas Foods International, while seven weighing 307kg made $755 or $2.46/kg, sold to Spence, Dix & Co.

Emco heifer weaners sold to $650 for 8 at 335kg ($1.94/kg), while 7 at 283kg made $550 also $1.94/kg.

JT&VF&BT Howard, KI, sold June/July 2018-drop South Devon steers, with 12 weighing 301kg making $770 or $2.56/kg and 19 weighing 271kg made $700 or $2.58/kg.

Their May/July-drop heifers sold to $650 or $2.04/kg for 21 at 319kg and 22 weighing 284kg made $605 or $2.13/kg.

Gurrawurra Farm Trust sold March/April 2018-drop Angus/Murray Grey/Charolais-cross weaners, with eight steers, 320kg, making $775 or $2.42/kg; 13 steers, 237kg, at $560 or $2.36/kg; eight heifers, 370kg, made $800 or $2.16/kg; seven heifers at 285kg made $590 or $2.07/kg; and 10 younger heifers at 234kg made $300 or $1.28/kg.

A small amount of older cows were offered, with SP&C Ollett, Murray Bridge, receiving $1200 for two Murray Grey second calvers with calves at-foot and two Poll Hereford cows with CAF,  while 6 pregnancy-tested in-calf mixed-age cows made $1100.

Mr Reynolds said solid support was provided by Thomas Foods International, Mount Crawford Pastoral and Elders Naracoorte on the steers, while Elders Lucindale was strong on the quality heifers.


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