Massive yarding at Mt Gambier

Massive yarding at Mt Gambier


THE Mount Gambier saleyards were bursting at the seams on Friday, with all available yards utilised to accommodate an outstanding quality yarding of 4588 cattle in an epic store sale.



Yarding 4588

Steers to $1410

Heifers to $1060

Cows to $800

THE Mount Gambier saleyards were bursting at the seams on Friday, with all available yards utilised to accommodate an outstanding quality yarding of 4588 cattle in an epic store sale.

Some very good lines of well-bred weaner cattle were offered to a packed gallery of local restockers and feedlotters, with added competition from interstate buyers.

Keen bidding kept the prices buoyant for the duration of the sale, with the general consensus from agents that overall prices were 10 cents a kilogram to 15c/kg up on the November market.

Elders Mount Gambier agent Aden Auld said weaner cattle sold well above expectations, particularly the better run of Hereford steers, and Charolais-cross and Simmental-cross cattle sold to strong demand.

“Buyers jumped on anything with Euro blood,” he said.

Heavy Angus steers weighing more than 400kg sold from $2.57-$3.05/kg and heavy coloured steers sold from $2.43-$3.07/kg.

Mid weight Angus steers weighing 350-400kg made from $2.66-$3.35/kg and coloured steers in this range made from $2.57-$3.28/kg.

Angus steers weighing from 300-350kg sold from $2.69-$3.45/kg and coloured steers of the same weights made from $2.76-$3.29/kg.

Lighter Angus steers weighing less than 300kg sold from $2.02-$3.74/kg and coloured steers in this weight range made from $2.85-$3.17/kg.

Ulonga, Casterton, Vic, sold 14 Dollar Angus-blood Angus-cross steers aged 16 months at 487kg for the top price of $1410 or $2.90/kg, as well as a second draft of nine at 422kg that sold for $1200 or $2.84/kg to Thomas Foods International.

TFI went on to buy more than 150 steers including nine European Union-accredited, Barwidgee-bld Angus steers, 470kg, at $1370 or $2.91/kg from Koomalla, Hamilton, Vic; eight Atholone-bld Angus steers, 401kg, at $1180 or $2.84/kg from Fairview, Casterton, Vic; 12 Angus-cross steers, 378kg, at $1090 or $2.88/kg from Roseneath, Millicent; 17 Angus steers, 13-14 months, 374k,g at $1115 or $2.98/kg from Bellco, Wallacedale, Vic, and nine Mt William-bld Charolais-cross steers, 401kg, at $1200 or $2.99/kg from Dunorer, Hotspur, Vic.

Teys Australia bought 65 steers including seven Angus steers, 405kg, at $1070 or $2.64/kg from DJ Cuneen, Coleraine Vic; seven Angus steers, 415kg, at $1100 or $2.65/kg from Kurrawa, Hamilton, Vic; 12 black baldy steers, 410kg, at $1200 or $2.92/kg from M Black, Allendale East; 10 Angus steers, 381kg, at $1130 or $2.97/kg from Breakaway, Heywood, Vic.

John Chay, Millicent, bought the entire draft of 47 Angus steers, 8-9 months, with weights from 363-394kg, from RF&MP Rogers, for an average of $1257.. The Rogers’ top draft at 394kg sold at $1320 or $3.35/kg.

Greenwald Pastoral Co sold their annual draft of Dunoon-bld Angus and Angus-cross steers, offering 540 head from their western districts property at Dartmoor, Vic. They had 398 Angus steers with weights ranging from 281-384kg, which averaged $1032.

Elders Naracoorte bought 115 steers in the 364-384kg weight range including a top draft at 384kg that made $1210 or $3.15/kg.

Elders Mt Gambier bought 121 Angus steers weighing from 313-345kg, to $1110, averaging $1080.

Landmark International bought 103 Angus steers weighing from 290-317kg to $990, av $938.

Schubert Boers Livestock agents, Albury, NSW, bought 126 steers from Greenwald’s black baldy run, paying a top of $1180 or $3.27/kg for 27 at 363kg, av $1079.

Highbury Trading, Mumbannar, sold 133 Weeran-bld Angus steers, with weights from 278-358kg for an av of $1100. The top draft at 358kg sold at $1180 or $3.30/kg to Landmark Kingston.

Hillside, Mingbool, sold 10 Boonaroo-bld Angus steers, 320kg, at $1045 or $3.26/kg to Miller Whan &John, as well as 113 Spotshill-bld Hereford steers, weighing from 305-383kg which sold for an av of $1072. Their top draft of Herefords at 383kg sold for $1150 or $3/kg to O’Connor & Graney Mount Gambier.

Kerr Family Pastoral Co, Allendale East, sold 24 Pathfinder-bld Angus steers at 329kg for $1060 or $3.22/kg to Landmark Keatley, as well a second draft at 266kg that made at $950 or $3.57/kg to Southern Australian Livestock.

Bernara, Kingston, sold 16 Woonallee-bld Angus-Simmental steers at 301kg for $990 or $3.29/kg to Landmark Keatley, and a second draft at 275kg that sold for $880 or $3.20/kg to Green Triangle Livestock. The same vendor also sold 20 Snuggery and Woonallee-bld Hereford-Simmental steers, 290kg, at $920 or $3.17/kg to Landmark Mount Gambier.

Regular vendors Tuscanna, West Avenue, sold 89 Angus steers, 10-14 months, weighing from 281-402kg, for an av of $931. Tuscanna’s top draft at 402kg sold at $1100 or $2.73/kg to Garrison Cattle Feeders, Murraylands NSW.

Sandy Ridge, Mount Gambier, sold nine Angus-cross steers, 6-8 months, 253kg, at $510 or $2.02/kg and a second draft at 232kg at $500 or $2.15/kg to livestock agents, Kerr & Co, Hamilton Vic.

ST&J Hawke, Glencoe, sold 26 Angus steers, 8-10 months, at 373kg at $1170 or $3.13/kg to Ron Jones, Mount Gambier, and a second draft at 327kg for $1060 or $3.24/kg to Landmark International.

Pareen, Mt Schanck, sold 29 Lawson-bld, Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System-eligible Angus steers, 8-10 months, at 363kg for $1090 or $3/kg to Elders Naracoorte, as well as a second draft at 321kg at $970 or $3.02/kg sold to Ron Jones, Mount Gambier.

RB&DA Nulty, Kingston, sold 36 Pathfinder-bld Angus steers at 319kg at $1000 or $3.13/kg to Landmark International.

Erindale, Casterton, Vic, sold 10 EU Hereford-cross steers at 483kg for $1330 or $2.75/kg to John Farch, Mount Gambier, who also bought a draft of Wilkah-bld Hereford steers at 424kg for $1280 or $3.02/kg, from Rosebank Pastoral, Casterton.

Paget Contracting, Kingston, sold 17 PCAS Te Angie-bld Hereford steers, 9-10 months, at 372kg for $1150 or $3.09/kg to Landmark Keatley, as well as a second draft at 319kg for $1000 or $3.13/kg to SAL.

Nayook South, Allendale East, sold 94 EU Banemore-bld Hereford and Hereford-cross steers, March/April 2018-drop, weighing from 312-371kg for an av of $1030. The top draft at 371kg made $1140 or $3.07kg and sold to Schubert Boers, Albury NSW.

Wallaroo Park, Mumbannar, sold 15 Hereford steers, 9-10 months, at 305kg at $890 or $2.92/kg to Landmark Mount Gambier, and a second draft at 273kg that sold for $780 or $2.85/kg to Creek Livestock.

EC&GF Flint, Kingston, sold 21 South Bundarra-bld Shorthorn steers at 429kg for $1270 or $2.96/kg to Landmark and a second draft at 378kg for $1160 or $3.07/kg to Elders Naracoorte.

TW&DL Flint, Kingston, sold 20 South Bundarra-bld shorthorn steers at 379kg at $1200 or $3.16/kg to Landmark and their second draft at 329kg sold for $1050 or $3.19/kg to Schubert Boers.

AR&MK Young sold 17 Belmore and Elora-bld Shorthorn steers, March/April-drop, aat 366kg at $1170 or $3.19/kg to Landmark Keatley.

Corinyah East sold 15 PCAS Lindsay-bld Murray Grey steers, 18 months, at 446kg for $1330 or $2.98/kg to Landmark.

Breakaway, Heywood, Vic, sold 15 Charolais-cross steers at 410kg at $1260 or $3.07/kg to Teys Australia.

Dunorer, Hotspur, Vic, sold seven Charolais-cross steers at 340kg for $1120 or $3.29/kg to John Chay & Co, who also bought 10 Lindsay-bld Charolais-Angus-Murray Grey steers, 9-10 months, at 353kg for $1100 or $3.11/kg from M&V Burdon and eight Charolais-cross steers, 6-8 months, at 374kg for $1140 or $3.04/kg from RC&SF Kenny, Dartmoor, Vic.

Mt Ellen Props, Wirrabara, sold 58, 2013-2016-drop South Devon cows, that had been running with South Devon bulls, for an av of $752. The top draft of 2013-drop cows sold to Creek Livestock at $800.

Heifers weighing more than 400kg sold from $2.25-$2.52/kg; while heifers weighing from 350-400kg sold from $2.11-$2.91/kg and heifers 300-350kg sold from $1.72-$2.86/kg.

Lighter heifers weighing less than 300kg sold from $2.01-$2.70kg.

Breakaway, Heywood, Vic, made the top money in the heifer run with their 17 Charolais-cross heifers at 391kg selling to Garrison Cattle Feeders, Murray Downs, NSW, at $1060 or $2.71/kg. Garrisons were strong contenders in the heifer run, buying 295 head with weights from 287-391kg including 32 Mt William-bld Charolais-cross heifers at 357kg for $1040 or $2.91 from Dunorer, Hotspur, Vic; and six Charolais heifers at 375kg for $950 or $2.53/kg from Gurrawarra Family Trust, Broken Hill, NSW.

RI&MP Rogers, Kalangadoo, sold 25 Angus heifers at 375kg at $1000 or $2.66/kg to Elders Casterton, who also bought the Rogers’ second draft of 17, 8-9 month Angus heifers at 384kg for $1000 or $2.60/kg.

TW&DL Flint, Kingston, sold their complete drop of South Bundarra-bld Shorthorn heifers, with the top draft at 359kg selling for $950 or $2.64/kg and a second draft at 370kg selling for $750 or $2.42/kg to Elders Naracoorte, who also bought 25 South Bundarra-bld Shorthorn heifers at 373kg for $900 or $2.41/kg from E Flint, Kingston.

Ansta Park, Heywood, Vic, sold eight Morgiana-bld Charolais-cross heifers at 303kg for $810 or $2.67/kg to John Chay & Co, who also bought 13 Charolais heifers, 6-8 months, at 327kg for $930 or $2.84/kg from RC&SF Kenny, Dartmoor, Vic.

Kushoon, Mount Gambier, sold 92 Shorthorn-Hereford heifers, 12-14 months, with weights from 190-360kg for an av of $593, and the top draft at 360kg sold to Elders Naracoorte for $870 or $2.41/kg.

Roseneath, Millicent, sold six Simmental-cross heifers at 351kg for $730 or $2.14/kg to Garrison Cattle Feeders, and a draft of 22 Angus-cross heifers at 373kg for $1000 or $2.68/kg, selling to Elders Naracoorte.

Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier, bought 130 heifers including 12 Angus heifers, 12-14 months, at 385kg for $920 or $2.39/kg from Jarup, Digby, Vic; 24 Pathfinder and Granite Ridge-bld Angus-cross heifers at 262kg for $620 or $2.36/kg from RB&DA Nulty, Kingston; 23 Angus heifers March/April-drop at 353kg for $820 or $2.32/kg from Aden Hills, Penola, and 18 Athlone South-bld Angus heifers at 391kg for $940 or $2.40/kg from Fairview, Casterton, Vic.

Leaella Partnership, Wallacedale, Vic, sold 14 EU Banquet and Coolana-bld Angus heifers at 279kg for $625 or $2.24/kg to Green Triangle Livestock.

Bernara, Kingston, sold 17 Granite Ridge and Woonallee-bld Angus-Simmental heifers at 301kg for $790 or $2.62/kg to Garrison Cattle Feeders, and a second draft at 263kg at $685 or $2.60/kg to Miller Whan & John.


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