Regional petrol prices spike

Regional petrol prices spike


Petrol prices have surged up to 27.7 cents a litre in regional centres in the past seven months, according to RAA figures.


Petrol prices have surged up to 27.7 cents a litre in regional centres in the past seven months, according to RAA figures.

This jump in petrol prices since March has added more than $20 a week to fill the tank of a typical family sedan, according to RAA.

But there is good news for motorists with a 15c/l fall in wholesale petrol costs since mid-October as a result of increased oil supplies, RAA said.

RAA spokesman Mark Borlace is urging fuel retailers across the state to pass on these saving to motorists at the pump.

“The significant fall in wholesale costs is welcome news for motorists who have been suffering rising prices since March, but any relief to motorists wallets will only be felt when pump prices also fall,’’ he said.

“The petrol price surge recorded between March and October had been driven by two key factors.

“Crude oil prices had increased because the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other major oil producing nations were limiting production, which was choking supply.

“And the Australian dollar had been depreciating against the United States dollar, which was a problem because oil prices are quoted and bought in US dollars.

“Both these upward price pressures had been feeding through to the pump and ripping money out of already tight household budgets.’’

RAA surveyed 14 regional towns in SA and compared average petrol prices in March, the cheapest month of the year-to-date, and last month.

The greatest increase was in the Riverland town of Renmark, where prices rose 27.7c/l during this period.

The next biggest increase was 25.9c/l in both Port Augusta and Whyalla. Port Pirie recorded a rise of 23.9c/l.

In the state’s South East, Naracoorte recorded a 25.7c/l increase, compared to Mount Gambier’s 22.7c/l and Bordertown at 21.9c/l.

Tailem Bend recorded the smallest rise of the towns surveyed at 21.6c/l.

Mr Borlace said factors influencing the range of price rises in regional centres included their location and population size.

“Some towns are further away from Adelaide which impacts on the transport component costs and there are also varying levels of retail competition due to population sizes,’’ Mr Borlace said.

RAA regional petrol price survey

  • Bordertown: March averaging 134.7c/l; Oct av 156.6c/l – up 21.9c/l
  • Mount Gambier: March av 136.4c/l; Oct av 159.1c/l –  up 22.7c/l
  • Naracoorte: March av 134c/l; Oct av 159.7 – up 25.7c/l
  • Loxton: March av 132.3c/l; Oct av 154.1c/l – up 21.8c/l
  • Renmark: March av 134.3; Oct av 162c/l – up 27.7c/l
  • Tailem Bend: March av 133.4c/l; Oct av 156c/l – up 21.6c/l 
  • Murray Bridge: March av 132.6c/l; Oct av 154.8c/l – up 22.2c/l
  • Kadina: March av 135.9c/l; Oct av 158.3c/l – up 22.4c/l
  • Port Augusta: March av 138.1c/l; Oct av 164c/l – up 25.9c/l
  • Port Pirie: March av 133c/l; Oct av 156.9c/l – up 23.9c/l
  • Whyalla: March av 137; Oct av 162.9c/l – up 25.9c/l
  • Port Lincoln: March av 138.7c/l; Oct av 163.4c/l – up 24.7c/l
  • Victor Harbor: March av 137.2c/l; Oct av 162.1c/l – up 24.9c/l 
  • Broken Hill, NSW: March av 139.8c/l; Oct av 161.9c/l – up 22.1c/l

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