Farming with dual accuracy

Ag leader launch GPS 7500 with SteerCommand and DualTrac


Ag leader launch GPS 7500 with SteerCommand and DualTrac


US precision agriculture manufacturer, Ag Leader, have launched a series of new technologies aimed at improving upon its precision agriculture and steering offering. 

Ag Leader, product specialist, Bill Cran said the new guidance and steering solutions included a dual-antenna automated steering system and the latest in GNSS technology.

“We strive to provide a full range of reliable and accurate guidance and steering products to meet the broad needs and geography of our global customer base,” he said. 

“SteerCommand with DualTrac brings a dual-antenna offering to the market that provides RTK accuracy and meets the needs of many farmers requiring high-accuracy automated steering at low speeds.

“New GNSS technology in the GPS 7500 was leveraged to make this possible and also adds new satellite and correction offerings including TerraStar-C Pro.”

As the GPS 7500 is Wi-Fi capable, users can configure their base stations from a smart phone or tablet. 

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