Jamestown ewes sell to $204

Jamestown ewes sell to $204


THE extremely dry season took its toll on sheep prices at the Jamestown sheep market



Yarding: 24,000

Ewe lambs to $204

Breeding ewes to $180

Wethers to $110

THE extremely dry season took its toll on sheep prices at the Jamestown sheep market on Thursday last week, with prices subdued for all lines, particularly young and breeding ewes.

In the first of the fortnightly markets, young ewes and breeding ewes fell about $30 to $40, while Merino and crossbred wether and ewe lambs fell $5-15. 

The yarding of 24,000, from northern pastoral, Flinders Ranges, West Coast and local areas, was 8000 more sheep than advertised, given the rapid decline in feed availability in recent weeks.

A good gallery of buyers attended the sale, with considerable market drive from farmers requiring stock to graze frosted crops.

The majority of the market was made up with drafts of young Merino ewes, breeding ewes, young Merino ewe lambs, woolly and shorn wether lambs and cross-bred lambs. 

The 2017-drop ewe market was hardest hit by the cruel season, with tops $30-40 cheaper, with secondary lines $45-50 cheaper.

Neil and Catherine Klingner, Narridy, topped the young ewe market at $204, with a line of 200 freshly-shorn May/June 2017-drop, Springvale North-blood ewes, bought by Nathan Young, Sunny Hill Farm, Lochiel. 

The Klingners also sold a 175 2013-drop ewes for $122.

Luke Sidler, Sidvale Pty Ltd, Streaky Bay, sold 180 May 2017-drop July-shorn ewes at $202 to Neil and Craig Gardner, Ninnes via Bute, to be mated to White Suffolks.

Mingbinna Pastoral sold 104, 2017-drop August-shorn, Mulloorie-blds for $196 and Cottrell & Mullighan sold 96, 2017-drop, September-shorn One-Oak-blds for $195. 

Most other young Merino ewes sold between $160-200 with seconds between $110-150. 

The best breeding older ewes presented in good condition but were about $8-10 cheaper than the previous market. 

Gary and Julie Sparks, Jamestown, topped this section of the market with a line of 100 March/April 2016-drop July-shorn Baderloo-blds selling to $180. 

David Warwick, John Warwick Pty Ltd, Holowiliena South, sold 227 July/August 2015-drop Merino ewes for $166. 

Secondary lines of breeding ewes sold to a top of $100, about $10-15 down.

The lambs on offer were generally presented in lighter condition, with only a small selection of heavier weight lambs presented.

The best of the woolly wether lambs made $116, for a fresh looking 250 head first-line draft of May 2018 drop woolly Ulooloo-bld Dohne lambs from Greg, Liz, Rob and Lucy Hall, Ulooloo, Hallett.

Generally, best Merino 2018-drop shorn wethers sold between $70-102, about $8-10 cheaper than the previous market. Secondary Merino wethers were $10-15 cheaper.

Most 2018-drop shorn wether lambs sold between $60-90. 

Avondale Props, Melrose, topped the shorn wether lamb section with 350 April/May 2018-drop, August-shorn Ulooloo-bld Dohne lambs at $110. 

AC&H Michael topped the ewe lamb section with a line of 125 woolly May 2018-drop, Leachim-blds to $122, selling to Byrne Farming, Port Lincoln.

Crossbred lambs were also cheaper across all lines, with the best 2018-drop woolly crossbreds down $5-8, with most selling $90-106. 

Andrew and Hugh Bailey, Bailey Agri Pty Ltd, Yunta, sold 350 April/May 2018-drop woolly, Dorset-cross lambs to $116.

Shorn crossbreds held firm, with seconds dropping $5-8. 

Buyers attended from Burra, Cleve, Clare, Kadina, Crystal Brook, Barossa Valley, Port Augusta, Millicent, Orroroo, Gawler and Jamestown. Interstate buyers attended from Ouyen, Vic. 

The next Jamestown market is a feature ewe market on October 18, with an expected yarding of 27,000. 


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