The next evolution in control traffic farming

The next evolution in control traffic farming


When times are tough, you can't afford to forgo productivity. You need to make sure you're using every tool at your disposal to increase crop yield in a sustainable way.


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It's easy to forget sometimes that our planet is a living, breathing organism and that if we work it too hard, exploit it too frequently or fail to let it heal before calling on it again, the results can be calamitous. Few know this better than large scale crop producers. 

Even the soil compaction from running heavy machinery over the same piece of ground too frequently can lead to poorer seedbeds, reduced crop yields and dysfunction in terms of water infiltration, drainage and greenhouse gas mitigation. It'll cost you a pretty penny in extra fuel too! 

When times are tough, you can't afford to forgo productivity. You need to make sure you're using every tool at your disposal to increase crop yield in a sustainable way. 

Precision pays, that's why John Deere is raising the bar for control traffic farming with the newest addition to the 9RX Family. Its three metre track spacing, narrower tracks and smaller footprint, give it the ability to cover more hectares per day with far greater precision. 

Combining power and innovation, the improved controlled traffic capabilities, larger horse power, latest advances in engine technology, enhanced flotation and superior traction gives you the confidence that the job will be done quickly, precisely and with the minimal soil damage possible. 

No other tractor manufacturer offers controlled traffic farmers so many choices in high­ horse power tractors. The 9RX is purpose built to cover large acreages and pull big implements - be it high speed planters, nutrient application bars or large grain carts - with accuracy and efficiency. 

It was designed with optimum traction control in mind too. The positive drive undercarriage system effectively transfers power, allowing you to maintain traction in turns and under load, while the larger ground wheel increases reliability and downward pressure. 

The 9RX's exclusive track design also adds to its superior performance. The mid rollers keep the tracks in contact with the ground for the entire length of the under carriage, while the front idler is raised slightly to allow the tractor to climb over obstacles and tricky rough terrain without affecting ground contact or weight distribution. 

John Deere is the first and only tractor manufacturer to offer a 304.8cm (120 inch) track spacing option on four-track tractors with 76.2cm (30 inch) and 91.4cm (36 inch) tracks, up to 620 horse power, allowing for controlled traffic farming operations. The 304.8cm track spacing provides increased stability and improved track-to-frame clearance for better access to the undercarriage for serviceability and material clean out. 

The larger articulated footprint also increases flotation, which in turn decreases firming and reduces soil disturbance during seeding and increases yield potential, whilst the higher track tension reduces the risk of derailing. 

Moreover, the new 9RX doesn't require daily fluid inspections and better mud rejection at the drive wheel means you won't have to interrupt your day to clean it. This will reduce downtime and increase efficiency in your operation.

The E18 transmission with Efficiency Manager™ responds quickly to any field condition to actively improve the tractor's performance, especially in muddy conditions or on hills. It automatically shifts up and throttles back to reduce total fluid consumption, maintain optimum power and better traction.

Perhaps most importantly though is the usability and comfort factors. There's nothing worse than being cramped up in an uncomfortable cab all day, being shaken around like a marble in a coke can while trying to focus on ten things at once, especially once fatigue starts to kick in. That's when costly mistakes are made. 

The improved traction control coupled with the cab's suspension makes the ride a whole lot less jarring than your average tractor. In fact, the machine absorbs most of the bumps allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

The cab even has a fridge and Bluetooth capabilities while the chair swivels 40 degrees to make it easier to check on your machinery without having to crane your neck. The larger windows also provide an almost 360 degree view of the field and, for every blind spot, there's a supporting piece of technology that can fill in the blank. 

Every single 9RX is JDLink™ Connect ready, so you can easily share information between machines, including applied maps, guidance lines and other important data. You can even monitor the performance of the other machines from the cab's CommandCenter™ display. 

The 9RX is also AutoTrac™ ready, so you can run a guidance system which increases productivity while reducing operator fatigue. It enables you to travel the optimal pass in the paddock whilst reducing compaction. 

The integrated technology uses GPS to accurately achieve repeatability in-season or long term. When used with RTK you can get a level of accuracy to within 2cm.

Additionally, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation delivers faster, more efficient and smoother end turns allowing you focus on the quality of the job, which translates into less errors and far greater precision. 

So, if you're a control traffic farmer and you want to get the maximum yield from your crops, make the smart choice and make sure you're using the best tools for the job. 

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