Projects near possible nuclear sites receive funding

Projects near possible nuclear sites receive funding

SA sites earmarked as possible nuclear waste facility sites have received $4 million in funding for various community projects.

SA sites earmarked as possible nuclear waste facility sites have received $4 million in funding for various community projects.


PROJECTS near Kimba and Wallerberdina Station, which have been earmarked as possible nuclear waste facility sites, will receive $4 million through new National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Programme grants.


PROJECTS near Kimba and Wallerberdina Station, which have been earmarked as possible nuclear waste facility sites, will receive $4 million through new National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Community Benefit Programme grants.

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan said 45 projects had been awarded funding.

“These communities, presently being consulted about hosting a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility, were invited to submit applications for projects that will deliver social and economic benefits to their area,” Mr Canavan said.

“Two million dollars for each community is a significant investment, designed to help offset the time and resources they are devoting to the detailed consultation program underway.

“Overall, the merit of received applications was high and I look forward to the successful projects delivering tangible improvements for these communities.

Senator Canavan said there was great diversity in both the recipients and the types of projects that were being awarded funding.

“Beneficiaries include local sporting clubs, community organisations, and projects focussed on everything from tourism to health, agriculture and mobile phone coverage,” he said.

“It was great to see so many different organisations putting their ideas forward, and I thank the respective local consultative committees for their feedback and recommendations.”

Minister Canavan said each application had been assessed by AusIndustry and received feedback from local consultative committees.

The applications had been assessed on criteria including the applicant’s capacity and capability to carry out the project, the benefit to the community, and the value for money offered.

“Australia’s radioactive waste stream is largely associated with the production of nuclear medicines that one in two Australians will need, on average, at some point in their lives,” Senator Canavan said.

“Radioactive waste is presently held in more than 100 locations around Australia, and it is government policy that as much as possible be consolidated into a single, safe repository.

“Two sites in Kimba and one at Wallerberdina Station volunteered to host the facility, and are presently in a detailed community and technical assessment process. The Community Benefit Programme is a key part of the process.”

Supported projects include:

  • New amenities block at the Kimba Recreation Reserve, put forward by the District Council Of Kimba, received $174,739. 

Construction of new amenities block for camping site users at the Kimba Recreation Reserve.  Works will include site preparation, construction and fit-out of amenities block, plumbing and electrical work, landscaping and installation of solar lighting.

  • New and upgraded historical society facilities, put forward by the Kimba & Gawler Ranges Historical Society Inc, received $68,960.

Construction of new ablution block (with disabled access) and upgraded power source to workshop facilities, to improve health, safety and amenity for staff, community members and tourists.

  • Palliative care wing at the Kimba hospital, put forward by the Kimba District Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, received $230,000.

Major upgrade of the Kimba Hospital to add a palliative care wing, offering dedicated private facilities for palliative care patients as well as acute patients where capacity permits.  Activities include renovating two rooms (with private bathrooms) to establish the unit, adding separate kitchenette and family lounge, and landscaping and installation of a veranda to form an outside courtyard.

  • Significant upgrade of the Kimba Soldiers Memorial Institute, put forward by the District Council Of Kimba, received $208,981.

Significant renovation of the Kimba Soldiers Memorial Institute, the central venue for community events.  Activities include installation of acoustic ceiling, air-conditioning and sound system.  Windows will also be replaced, retaining wall repaired and the facility repainted (interior and exterior).

  • New marquee to support the agricultural, horticultural and floricultural show society and other community events, put forward by the Kimba Agricultural Horticultural and Floricultural Society Incorporated, received $47,303.

Purchase of a large all-season marquee, for use at the annual Kimba agricultural show and other community events.

  • New all-abilities safety play surfacing at the Kimba Community Kindergarten, put forward by the Kimba Community Development Group Inc, received  $13,800.

Upgraded outdoor play environment at the Kimba Community Kindergarten, including replacing lawn with synthetic soft fall surface to improve safety, appeal and play opportunities for children of all abilities.

  • Air-conditioning of the Kelly Pioneer Memorial Hall, put forward by Kelly Pioneer Memorial Hall Inc, received $6425.

Purchase and installation of two split-system air-conditioners at the Kelly Pioneer Memorial Hall, to improve patron comfort and increase usability of the facility.

  • New competition equipment and storage for the Kimba Pony Club, put forward by Kimba Pony Club Incorporated, received  $33,741.

Purchase of 30 pairs of national competition standard show jump wings and two custom-built storage trailers, to attract more national standard show jumping events to region.

  • Renovation of Kimba Uniting Church Op Shop, put forward by Kimba Uniting Church, received $38,642.

Renovation of the Kimba Uniting Church Op Shop to improve health, safety and amenity for volunteer staff and customers.  Activities include ceiling and window replacement, installing new lighting, and painting (interior and exterior).

  • Kimba Silo Art tourism amenities, put forward by Kimba Community Development Group Inc, received  $12,115.

Purchase and installation of outdoor furniture and signage at the Kimba Silo Art, to further improve tourism experience numbers.

  • Improvements to Kimba Men's Shed, put forward by Kimba Men's Shed Inc, received  $12,824.

Upgrade of the Kimba Men’s Shed to improve health, safety and amenity for members. Activities include concrete flooring (shed and external apron) and lighting and power installation.

  • Upgrade of Lions/Apex Playground, put forward by the District Council Of Kimba, received  $114,355.

Major upgrade of the Lions/Apex Central Park playground, to improve safety, appeal and play opportunities for children and families. Activities include building a retaining wall and installation of shade sail, safety fencing, solar lighting, park furniture, paving and artificial turf.

  • Relocation and upgrade of cricket training facilities, put forward by K And K Cricket Clubs, received $88,548.

Relocation to a more central location and upgrade of training facilities at K and K Cricket Clubs, including new cricket nets, equipment storage shed and rainwater tank.

  • New community bus, put forward by Kimba Racing Club Inc, received $68,721.

Purchase of a new 14-seat community bus, to provide safe transportation of residents to and from community activities, events and functions. 

  • Moisture probe and weather station network, put forward by the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia Incorporated, received $19,721. 

Establishing a moisture probe and weather station network across the region, to improve data availability and quality and agronomic decision-making and grain yield.  Activities include site selection and installation of probe network (10 probes in representative soil types), data collection/internet upload, and running education workshops on data interpretation and better agronomic decisions.

  • Community and economic development strategy for Kimba, put forward by the District Council Of Kimba, received $55,080.

Development of a community and economic development strategy for Kimba, with prioritised initiatives to stimulate economic activity in the region. 

  • Kimba's Healthy Mind Healthy Community Project, put forward by the Kimba Mental Health and Wellbeing Group Inc, received $30,773.

Planning and staging of Healthy Mind Healthy Community workshops in Kimba, to improve participant resilience, mental health and wellbeing. The project will also support the Kimba Health and Wellness Weekend.

  • Shining a new light on amateur photography, put forward by the Kimba Photographic Society Inc, received  $5783.

Purchase and installation of a wall mounted television and photographic equipment in the Kimba Soldiers Memorial Institute, for member and community use.

  • Joint equipment storage shed, put forward by the Kimba Pony Club Incorporated, received $62,327.

Purchase and installation of multi-purpose secure storage shed for shared use by the Kimba pony and racing clubs, as well as other community clubs. 

  • Export hay variety trial and rotation evaluation, put forward by the the Agricultural Bureau Of South Australia Incorporated, received  $17,500.

Minnipa Research Centre trials to undertake export hay trials in the Kimba district, on oaten hay in relation to yield and feed test standards to allow producers to make better informed decisions when planting and managing hay crops. Activities include planting, managing and harvesting trial plots, undertaking an oat rotation study, and compilation and reporting of trial and study data.

  • Buckleboo Tennis Club improvements, put forward by the Buckleboo Tennis Club, received $80,200.

Resurfacing of the three Buckleboo Tennis Club courts and replacement of perimeter fencing.

  • Public wi-fi in the town centre and at tourism hot spots, put forward by the District Council of Kimba, received $34,600.

Provision of public wi-fi in the Kimba town centre and at tourism hot spots, to provide improved internet access for residents and visitors. Activities include sourcing engineering plans, constructing poles to carry the wi-fi hardware, and erecting the poles, wi-fi and solar hardware at designated spots.

  • Kimba Health & Fitness Centre facility upgrade, put forward by the Kimba Health and Fitness Centre, received $26,673.

Upgrading facilities at the Kimba Health & Fitness Centre, to improve safety, health and amenity for patrons.  Activities include recladding interior walls, installation of new gym-grade rubber matter and repair or replacement of equipment and fans.

  • Kimba Golf Club facility upgrade, put forward for Kimba Golf Club Incorporated, received $65,097.

Purchase and installation of new equipment storage shed and rainwater tanks for irrigation supply.

  • Buckleboo Club upgrade, put forward by Buckleboo Club Incorporated, received $13,996.

Purchase and installation of new carpet at the Buckleboo Club, to improve safety and amenity for patrons.

  • Secret Rocks: Kimba's Premier Ecotourism Destination, put forward by Ecological Horizons Pty Ltd, received $80,062.

Development of a new ecotourism attraction at Secret Rocks, with self-guided interpretative walk and reintroduction of native animals such as mallee fowl and potential reintroduction of locally-extinct bandicoots.  Activities include predator proofing the mallee refuge enclosure, installation of picnic facilities within the enclosure, car park upgrade, production of interpretative signs and weed control along walkways, and erecting feeders and installation of cameras to enhance the ecotourism experience.

  • Waddikee Community Sports Club facility upgrade, put forward by Waddikee Community Sports Club Incorporated, received $82,000.

Upgraded facilities at the Waddikee Community Sports Club, to improve safety, appeal and play opportunities for children and families. Activities include installing new playground and perimeter fencing, installing security cameras, replacing exterior doors (including BBQ shed) and locks, repairing hall wall and reconcreting fretted foundations on BBQ building.

  • Kimba Senior Citizens Club facility upgrade, put forward by Kimba District Senior Citizens Club Inc, received $15,083.

Upgraded facilities at the Kimba Senior Citizens Club, to improve safety, health and amenity for members and visitors. Activities include rebuilding concrete veranda and access ramp, and installation of a new air-conditioner.

  • Kimba Bowling Club floodlight upgrade, put forward by Kimba Bowling Club Inc, received $45,862.

Replacement of floodlights at the Kimba Bowling Club with LED lighting to improve lighting quality and energy efficiency.

  • Multi-user grain accumulation centre, put forward by the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia Incorporated, received  $69,300.

Undertaking a feasibility study to explore the technical and financial feasibility of establishing a facility for aggregating and adding value to locally produced grain.

  • Development planning for Kimba Skate Park, put forward by the District Council Of Kimba, received  $22,475.

Production of detailed design, budget and construction plans, as the first stage of establishing a skate park as a long-term valuable recreation asset for residents and visitors to the region. Stages include concept development, community feedback, final concept, detailed design development, and construction documentation and technical specification production.

  • Feasibility planning for new game meat industry, put forward by Chestwood Meats Pty Ltd, received  $52,200.

Feasibility study to determine the viability of constructing and operating a game meat processing works in the region.

  • Retractable shade system for Kimba Bowling Club, put forward by Kimba Bowling Club Inc, received  $102,114.

Purchase and installation of fully-motorised retractable shade system at the Kimba Bowling Club, to improve player comfort and playing conditions.

  • Hawker Community Sports Centre facility upgrade, put forward by Hawker Community Sports Centre Inc, received $190,000.

Building of an extension to the present kitchen, installing new equipment for catering and food preparation and creating an indoor BBQ area. Activities include site preparation and building the extension, plumbing and electrical work, purchasing and fitting appliances, installing new air conditioning, tiling, painting and new flooring.

  • Community mobile kitchen, put forward by Hawker Community Development Board Incorporated, received $76,625.

Purchase of a mobile kitchen and ancillary equipment to support its operation. The mobile kitchen will be made available for hire at local events throughout the community. Activities will include the construction of a new mobile kitchen by a professional trailer manufacturer, purchasing a generator(s) to power the kitchen and other items to support the kitchen’s operation, such as power leads.

  • Workshop and facilities upgrade, put forward by the Quorn Men's Shed, received $12,500.

Improvements to the Quorn Men’s Shed facility in two phases. The installation of two large rainwater tanks, as well as a pump to plumb the rainwater to the kitchen and hot water service in phase one. The purchase of dust extractors and tools for the workshop in phase two. Activities will include preparing of tank site, installation of rainwater tanks and electric pump, purchasing and installing two dust extractors, and purchasing workshop tools and equipment.

  • Telstra mobile phone coverage upgrade - Wonoka Hill - Stage 1, put forward by Hawker Community Development Board Incorporated, received $500,000.

A two-stage project to upgrade existing mobile phone transmission systems between Hawker and Leigh Creek, with the installation of new high capacity 5 hop radio system. It would also see the construction of four new mobile base stations to expand mobile coverage and capacity (3G + 4GX) along the vast majority of The Outback Highway between Hawker and Leigh Creek. Stage one is the installation of mobile and transmission infrastructure on Wonoka Hill, which is the first hop of the two stage solution. Grant amount funds half of project costs, with balance contributed by Telstra.

  • Upgrade to the community room and nurses quarters at the Hawker Memorial Hospital, put forward by the Hawker Hospital Auxiliary, received $180,474.

Major renovation of the Hawker Memorial Hospital nurses’ quarters and community room, to improve safety, health and amenity for nursing staff, and hospital and community users. Activities include interior building work including tiling, ceiling, cladding, and fitting doors and painting, upgrading the bathroom and laundry, plumbing and electrical work, and installation of fixtures, fittings and furniture, including safety railing and aged care seating.

  • Cradock Hotel community playground, family dining area and toilets, put forward by DCHA Holdings Pty Ltd, received $252,031.

New facilities at the Cradock Hotel, to improve safety, health and amenity for community and visitor users.  Activities include site preparation, construction of an all-weather meeting and family dining area extension to existing building, construction of a community adventure playground and toilet block, and paving and landscaping.

  • Cradock Heritage Project, put forward by the Flinders Ranges Council, received $28,986.

Working with the Cradock Heritage Group to engage a local historian to assist in creation and design of various history related materials and infrastructure. In addition there will be construction of a stone wall at the Cradock War Memorial site to include the list of war veterans and a shelter at the Cradock cemetery. Activities include creating and designing fact sheets, brochures and booklets, constructing signs and shelter at Cradock cemetery, creating a historic walking trail, and constructing a stone wall at the Cradock War Memorial site to include names of war veterans.

  • Installation and purchase of portable and fixed cool rooms, put forward by Quorn Community Sporting Association Inc, received $28,500.

The purchase and installation of one fixed and one portable cool room. The fixed cool room will be situated at the Quorn Community Hall for use by all members of the community when hiring the oval precinct. The portable cool room will be available to community groups throughout the region for use at events.

  • Combined churches of Hawker renovation project, put forward by the Hawker Uniting Church, received $329,277.

Significant renovation of both the Uniting church and Catholic church, to improve safety, health and amenity for worshippers and visitors, including for community events. Activities at the Uniting church include replacing the roof, construction of a new kitchen and supper room, construction of a portico veranda, and interior renovation. Activities at the Catholic church include replacing the roof, repairing the interior (including flooring and painting) and installation of air-conditioning and a new public address system.

  • Flinders Ranges Regional Skate Park, put forward by the the Flinders Ranges Council, received $175,000.

Construction of regional skate park facility for multi-sport use (skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and bicycles), to increase youth participation in action sports and encourage physical education. Activities include site preparation, earthworks and draining installation, skate park construction, and furnishing and landscaping.

  • Hawker gymnasium and pool administration centre, put forward by the Flinders Ranges Council, received $227,272.

Construction of a new building adjacent the Hawker gymnasium and pool, to provide improved sport, fitness and recreation facilities for the community and visitors.  Facilities include gymnasium, aerobics room, administration centre and toilets.

  • Hawker aerodrome refuelling facility, put forward by the Flinders Ranges Council, received $99,335.

Purchase and upgrade of the Hawker aerodrome refuelling facility, including installation of credit card payment facilities, to provide 24-hour user access and expanded tourism charter activity.


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