Steers to $1350 at Naracoorte

Steers to $1350 at Naracoorte


THERE were more than twice the amount of cattle yarded than was originally advertised at the store cattle sale in Naracoorte on Thursday last week.


Yarding 1252

Steers to $1350

Heifers to $1082

Cows with CAF $1380

PTIC females to $1220

THERE were more than twice the amount of cattle yarded than was originally advertised at the store cattle sale in Naracoorte on Thursday last week.

The final tally of 1252 head sold was a sign of the dry conditions in the South East, with most producers having little or no summer rain to speak of.

Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen Naracoorte agent Richard Harvie said the yarding was heavier than expected.

“Given the season we’re having in the South East, you’d expect a lot of lighter cattle, but we’re still getting cattle with weights of 320 kilograms to 340kg-plus,” he said.

He said demand for European Union-accredited cattle was very strong and above expectations by 10 cents a kilogram to 15c/kg liveweight.

Feeder cattle weighing more than 380kg were in demand, with buyers paying from $2.65-$2.95/kg and one northern feedlotter underpinning the market.

Heavier steers were slightly easier on February prices, with lighter steers selling pretty much on a par.

Lighter weight steers were comparatively good buying at $650-$800 or $2.90-$3.30/kg and as good a buy as they have been for the past couple of months.

Although a couple of pens of recognized breeders’ heifers sold exceptionally well, heifer prices were generally a little more subdued than expected, mainly selling from $2.50-$2.75/kg, which in comparison with the steers represented reasonable buying.

Notawurri Park, Naracoorte, sold 10 Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System-eligible, March/April 2017-drop, Woonallee-blood Black Simmental-Angus steers, 441kg, at $1250 or $2.83/kg to Teys Charlton, Vic. A second draft, 463kg, sold at the market high for steers of $1350 or $2.92/kg to Thomas Foods International.

Arthur Facey Pty Ltd, Millicent, sold 45 Hereford and Hereford-cross steers with weights from 369-408kg, for an average of $1103. Its top draft, 408kg, sold to Teys Australia at $1140 or $2.79/kg. Mr Facey also sold six February/March 2017-drop Angus-cross steers, 403kg, at $1180 or $2.93/kg to TFI.

Pitchford Farms, Meningie, sold 17 Yalkuri-bld Angus steers, 271kg, at $850 or $3.13/kg to Elders Lucindale, who also bought their second draft, 234kg, at $750 or $3.20/kg.

Messamurray, Naracoorte, had 24 EU and PCAS-eligible, Sterita Park-bld Angus steers, 418kg, make $1310 or $3.13/kg, sold to Elders Lucindale.

Heath Tiller, HB Rural, Warnertown, bought 207 steers and heifers from 272-391kg, including 20 Granite Ridge-bld Angus-cross steers, 391kg, at $1130 or $2.89/kg a/c PB&JF Schutz; eight August/Sept 2017-drop Bull Oak Well-bld Angus steers, 300kg, at $870 or $2.90/kg a/c Monash Station and 18 May/June drop, Morganvale-bld Hereford steers, 331kg, at $970 or $2.93/kg from Yulkuri Pty Ltd.

Regular buyers Teys Australia bought cattle with weights from 319-471kg including 10 March/April-drop Nampara-bld Angus steers, 425kg, at $1250 or $2.94/kg from Quarpena Pastoral Co, Naracoorte; four Stony Point-bld Angus-Gelbvieh steers, 420kg, at $1176 or $2.80/kg a/c Broadacre Bacon and 12 Beamma and Eylwarra Sands-bld PCAS eligible Murray Grey steers, Nov 2016-February 2017-drop, 471kg, at $1280 or $2.72/kg a/c Kooyong.

TFI were also sourcing heavier feeder cattle weighing 350kg-plus, including 20 May/June 2017-drop Willalooka-blood Angus steers, 370kg, at $1105 or $2.99/kg a/c PC&JL Giles; 20 Granite Ridge-bld Angus steers, 380kg, at $1125 or $2.96/kg a/c Wonarah Pastoral and 13 Murray Grey steers, 396kg, at $1125 or $2.84/kg a/c Kooyong.

Moyle Pastoral sold 15 May/June drop PCAS eligible Pathfinder-blood Angus steers, 353kg, at $1040 or $2.95/kg to Caicowrie, Penola, who also bought a draft of 13 Granite Ridge-bld Angus steers, March/April 2017-drop, 350kg, at $1060 or $3.03/kg a/c Wonarah Pastoral.

Miller Whan & John Kingston agent Mike Newton bought a draft of 16 EU Morganvale and Bendulla-bld Hereford steers, 363kg, at $1070 or $2.95/kg a/c MK&C Agnew, Wattle Range, as well as 25 February/March 2017-drop Hereford and Hereford-cross steers, 341kg, at $1060 or $3.11/kg sold a/c AJ&LC Facey, Millicent.

Jullunder Farms sold 45 March/April drop Te Mania and Banquet-bld Angus steers, weighing from 318-363kg to a top of $1105 or $3.04/kg and an average of $1041 and 26 Angus-Murray Grey steers, weighing from 295-334kg to a top of $1010 or $3.02/kg, av $971.

Making room for breeding stock after the recent fires in Western Vic destroyed pastures, RL Rollinson sold 75 Hereford, Shorthorn-cross and Angus steers with weights from 340-559kg. The steers topped at $1291 or $2.31/kg and av $1146. John Chay & Co, Millicent, bought 50 of the steers, paying an average of $1121.

PJ&MW Bellinger, Millicent, sold 13 Angus heifers, 377kg, at $1,040 or $2.76/kg to Southern Australian Livestock Naracoorte agent Will Nolan, who also bought a draft of Pitlochry-bld Angus heifers, 255kg, at $700 or $2.75/kg a/c Pitlochry, Kingston.

Messamurray sold 17 February/March 2017-drop PCAS eligible and EU Sterita Park-bld Angus heifers, 328kg, at $1000 or $3.05/kg and a second draft, 303kg, sold at $910 or $3/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson, Penola.

Ferris Partners, Keilira, sold 61 March/April 2017-drop PCAS eligible Angus heifers with weights from 277-367kg for an av of $955. Its top draft, 378.5kg, sold at $1082 or $2.86/kg to Mr Nolan.

Only four Angus cows with Angus calves at foot were offered, selling at $1380 a/c NA&RG Eylward, Frances, to Elders Naracoorte.

Straven, Naracoorte, sold 15, 2009/2010/2011-drop Pathfinder-bld Angus cows, pregnancy-tested in-calf to Wittalocka Angus bulls to calve July-September to PPH&S at $1220.


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