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Heavy steers rally at Mt Gambier store sale


STEERS lifted up to 15 to 20 cents a kilogram at the Mount Gambier combined agents’ monthly store cattle sale on the previous month.



Yarding: 2355

Steers to $1340

Unmated heifers to $1200

Cows with calves to $1820

PTIC females to $1840

STEERS lifted up to 15 to 20 cents a kilogram at the Mount Gambier combined agents’ monthly store cattle sale on the previous month.

The biggest rise seen last Friday was in the 400 kilogram plus weights which were making $2.80-$2.95/kg– similar rates to the 350-400kg calves.

Landmark Tonkin & George’s Peter George said the prime market had edged up in the past three weeks but prices for secondary types were unchanged.

“The sale was 10c/kg dearer on the top end of the cattle at 360 to 400kg but the 400kg plus were 15-20c/kg and we sold some light black steers in our run up to $3.45/kg,” he said.

“Heifers were equal if not dearer, but also showed there is not a lot of feed in the district.”

Mr George said significant amounts of hay and grain were being fed to livestock after a very dry summer.

“There is not much dry feed and if not the break doesn’t come soon there will be some in a spot of bother.”

The yarding swelled to 2355 compared to the 1500 head advertised.

 Mr George said agents needed to get better at putting in numbers to ensure potential buyers knew what was on offer.

Buyers came from the Mid North to the South East in SA, with a few pens even bought for NSW.

Naracoorte commission buyer Geoff Wellington had some NSW order for Ramps Ridge which included the $1340 sale toppers.

These were 13 spring 2016 drop Angus weighing 461 kilograms from Grassdale Pastoral, Grassdale, Vic,

EH Pitt, Lucindale, kicked off the sale with 18 November-December 2016 drops for $1330 to Thomas Foods International.

Teys Charlton were also strong and Landmark International’s Frank Glenane bought about 100 head in the 320 – 350kg weight range for a live export order for Russia . The boat is due to sail in April.

Dukalskis Farming, Mount Gambier, sold 134 Angus steers to $1240 for a $1179 av, while their 22 heifers made ​to $1065.

Patanga Pastoral, Avenue Range, had a magnificent run of Shorthorn and Charolais-Shorthorn weaners sired by South Bundara and Yamburgan bulls.

The 96 steers topped at $1240 and averaged $1174, while 14 Charolais-Shorthorn heifers made $1010.

David McEachern, Carpenter Rocks, sold 144 impressive Hereford steers between $3.05/kg-$3.23/kg.

The Ardno and Bra-Ma blds, 8-10 month old topped at $1110 and averaged $1035.

The tops weighed 369 kilograms and sold to Ray White Keatley, Mount Gambier.

Mr McEachern also sold 71 Hereford heifers to $930 for a $776 av – $2.69/kg.

Millanda Estate, Mil Lel, was among the feature lines with some great weight for age Angus weaners.

Both the Johns family’s pens of 10-12 month old, Weeran and Nampara blood, steers tipped the scales at more than 400 kilograms.

The top 17 weighing 429kg made $1260 to Thomas Foods International, while another 16 were knocked down for $1200 to Creek Livestock, Mount Gambier.

Their 17 heifers topped at $1060 for a $1006av.

Most unmated heifers sold between $2.50-$2.65/kg to be at least on a par with last month.

Top price heifer honours went to Kent Props, Canunda, with 16 Speckle Parks for $1200 and another pen of the same breed at $1040.

SM Watson was also among the top pens with 25 Angus to $1130.

Both pens were bought by the Hann family, Nampara Pastoral Company, through Elders Mount Gambier.

Nampara also bought 10 Angus-Simmental crosses, 10-12 month old, from Roseneath, Millicent, for $1050.

Many at the Mount Gambier store catlte sale were spectators rather than buyers on breeding females, cautious about the lack of paddock feed.

But those who took a punt received great value for money, especially on a dispersal line of well-bred, pregnancy-tested in calf Hereford females offered by Kaye Considine, Considine Brothers, Tantanoola.

The 115 which averaged $1516 were due to calve for seven weeks from mid March to Red Hill, Bra-Ma, Allendale and Warrensville prefix bulls.

Twelve third calvers made the $1840 top price to O’Connor & Graney Mount Gambier, while the best of the fourth calvers made $1620.

Considine Bros’ mixed age cows made $1150-$1380.

Forty six cows with calves offered by seven different vendors made $1100-$1820.

PA Cory sold 10 Angus cross, sixth calving cows with Limousin calves for $1800 to Elders Mount Gambier.

Green Triangle Livestock’s Chris Manser quoted steers $40 to $50 a head dearer than the February sale and unmated heifers $20 to $30 higher.

“There was more feedlot interest and a lot of cockies have sold bullocks off and are replacing them,” he said.

He said prices were back 60-90c/kg on the sensational levels of the same time in 2017 but the market was still historically good.

“Some steers were making close to $1200 which is still very good money when you consider it has to be a pretty good bullock to make $1600-$1700.”

“Bullocks are making $2.50-$2.60/kg so the store sale is now back in line with the fat market.”


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