Dairy farmers to learn how to take the ‘scary’ out of change

DairySA conference delivers new technologies and how to handle change


The future of exciting new technologies will be presented at this year's DairySA Central Conference in Hahndorf this week.


Learning the secret weapons for recruitment, understanding the link between night vision goggles and milk, and hearing how to take the ‘scary’ is exactly what SA dairy farmers are set to discover at this week’s DairySA Central Conference.

The Conference – Change: Explore the Potential – will deliver delegates the tools, ideas, resources and connections to help manage this change, while adding value to dairy farm businesses.

Availer technology leader Jacob Thomas will discuss an SA initiative, The Dairy Explorer Project, which explores the possibilities of laser assisted milk testing. 

The Dairy Explorer Project has the potential to change dairying of the future by commercialising a real-time fat, protein and somatic cell count solution.

The focus of the project is to provide farmers with data-points to monitor and manage cows in real-time on a per cow basis optimising herd and production management in the future.

Best-selling business Author Mandy Johnson will present her topic, Success through People – Getting it right the first time. 

It is no secret people practices are vital to an organisation’s success, but what are the hidden motivators that attract the best employees?

Mandy Johnson will reveal the secret weapons to great recruitment, and explain how to build a remarkable workplace that employees never want to leave.

With real-life examples of successful innovative strategies used by dairy farmers across the country, this session will equip delegates with a people toolkit containing all the right gear.

DataGene genetic evaluation manager Michelle Axford will discuss looking at milk through night vision goggles. 

MIR is a technology that passes a light beam through a milk sample to measure certain components.

From its early ability to calculate milk fat and protein content, new research shows that it has the potential to indicate a cow’s status for energy balance, fertility, health, methane emissions and feed efficiency. 

The DairySA Central Conference 2018 will be held at the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre, Hahndorf, on Thursday, March 8 from 9:30am. 

Arrangements can be made if anyone would like to make an arrangement to speak with any of the key speakers

  • Details: Katie Moorhouse on 0419 821 689 or Bec Walmsley on 0418 951 324

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