Mandayen bull grabs attention

Mandayen bull grabs attention


AN “eye-catching” apricot Limousin sire inspired spirited bidding at the 13th annual Mandayen on-property sale at Keith, topping the sale at $16,000.



Limousins  2018     2017

Offered        59        55

Sold             57         53

Top             $16,000 $19,000

Av               $6789    $6603


Offered       33           21

Sold            33           21

Top            $11,000   $12,500

Av               $6600     $7809

AN “eye-catching” apricot Limousin sire inspired spirited bidding at the 13th annual Mandayen on-property sale at Keith, topping the sale at $16,000.

The May 2016-drop bull weighed in at 820 kilograms and was bought by Darren Jenke, Redbank, Lucindale, on behalf of Garrison Cattle Feeders.

The bull was the first of the Jackson sons to be offered in the sale, with a maternal line that traced back to the “Jill Z25” line that has consistently bred well for Mandayen.

Mr Jenke said he had first spotted the bull at the Stock Journal Beef Week the week before, when it had caught his eye while still in the paddock.

Even as he had been looking at some of the other sires on show, “I kept looking back at him”.

“It’s got good growth but still soft, it’s a deep and thick bull and easy-calving,” he said.

“It’s got it all, I can’t find a fault.”

Mr Jenke said they had traditionally bought at the Mandayen sale but about six years ago invested in a stud-quality sire from Mandayen to join with their high-quality Limousin females to breed bulls to supply to some of the company’s properties at Tintinara and also in NSW and Qld.

He said this year they had invested in another good bull to bring in a different genetic line.

Stud manager Damian Gomers said the bull was one he had liked, leading him to retain some semen for within the stud also.

In total, 57 of the 59 Limousin bulls sold for an average $6789.

It was the second year the stud had offered Angus bulls in the sale, lifting the offering by nearly 60 per cent to 33 bulls, but still achieved full clearance and a healthy average of $6600.

The 816kg top price, $11,000 bull impressed with its “proven pedigree”, according to bidder Dave Whittenbury, Quality Livestock Upper South East and Mallee, who bought the bull on behalf of a undisclosed buyer.

“It goes back to VRD on the dams pedigree but also has a strong paternal pedigree,” he said.

He said the bull was a “soft, athletic” sire that offered calving ease.

The bull will be put to work in a stud.

Mr Gomers said this year’s sale offered “probably the best line-up we’ve had” and he was happy with the average and clearance.

“There were a few new buyers and a lot of loyal clients,” he said.

Bulls sold to four states with strong competition from local buyers and Vic, as well as orders to Qld and NSW.

The auctioneering was shared by Spence, Dix & Co’s Jono Spence, Elders stud stock’s Ross Milne and Landmark stud stock’s Richard Miller. 


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