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Princess Royal leads buying at two day weaner sale


The Naracoorte weaner sale season ended on a high with prices kicking up to 10c/kg on the previous sale and breeding heifers also in demand.



Day 1- Steers

Yarding: 3079

Top: $1413

Av $1083

Day 2 – Heifers

Yarding: 1525

Top: $1520

Av: $919

THE Naracoorte summer weaner sale season ended on a high last week, with prices kicking up to 10 cents a kilogram on the previous sale a fortnight earlier.

Breeding heifers on the second day, last Friday, were also keenly sought but off these types trade buyers found good buying.

Feedlotters battled it out with local competition on the steer, helping make up for the noticeable absence of interstate buyers.

Heavy weight steers made $2.95 to $3.10/kg, the middle run from $3.08-$3.25/kg and a few July-August 2017 drop Angus made more than $3.70/kg.

Nearly half of the steers were EU accredited, most attracting a 10c/kg premium.

Topping the sale at $1413 were 20 Poll Hereford steers from T&ME Davis, Benbacula, Penola.

The May-June 2016 drops weighed 466kg and sold to JBS Australia, who bought 241 steers at the sale.

Exceptional weights have compensated for the lower cents a kilogram rates this season.

This was particularly evident with the draft from Old Fairview, Lucindale, which had several pens over 450 kilograms and only averaged about $100 a head less than 

Their 227 Angus topped at $1330 and averaged $1259 but the tops of the draft are still in the paddock bound for a feedlot.

Tallageira Pastoral Company, Frances, offered an impressive run of 136 Sterita Park and Pathfinder blood Angus steers from their Demijohn property, Lucindale. 

They topped at for an $1170 av.

OUTSTANDING DRAFT: Neil Engler, Engler Enterprises, Maaoupe, sold 98 EU March-April 2017 drop Angus steers to a $1296 high and $1205 average ($3.08-$3.14/kg).

OUTSTANDING DRAFT: Neil Engler, Engler Enterprises, Maaoupe, sold 98 EU March-April 2017 drop Angus steers to a $1296 high and $1205 average ($3.08-$3.14/kg).

Simon Rowe, Princess Royal Station, Burra was particularly active buying 452 head, including 283 EU cattle.

Thomas Foods International made a welcome return after the fire at their Murray Bridge abattoir.

Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson Darren Maney said heavyweight, 370 kilogram plus calves were 5-10c/kg dearer than the previous Naracoorte sale but 300-350kg calves may have been 5c/kg cheaper, due to lack of a live export order.

“The little calves were exceptionally good rates at up to $3.70/kg but it is safe money,” he said.

Mr Maney said prices exceeded the Mount Gambier store sale with buyers chasing big lines of outstanding calves offered at Naracoorte.

“One thing that has been clear is a lot of Euro cross steers and heifers which are prime , rather than being in the fat market have been in these sales and have been 10 to 15c/kg better off,” he said.

“The results have been very very solid – generally we have been 60 to 70c/kg behind last year but the bullock market is $1/kg dressed behind last year.”

Southern Australian Livestock manager Laryn Gogel said the January sales were 10-20c/kg off from December but was “rapt with the stronger sale than a fortnight ago.

“With the feeders all trying to buy cattle it is a positive sign for the direction of the cattle market,” he said.

“Looking at where the kill cattle job is we are above expectations.”

He said rates were enabling both sellers and buyers to make a margin.

Breeding heifers were keenly sought on the second day of the sale with most making $2.80/kg- $3/kg.

The stand-out performers were 25 Nampara bld Angus from Jak Pastoral, Apsley, Vic, which made $1520.

 Nampara Pastoral Company, through Elders Mount Gambier bought ,back their own bloodlines.

Also among their 77 head Nampara bought were 12 Simmental-Red Angus heifers from Bimbadeen Agricultural, Coonawarra for $1109.

Charolais-Murray Grey heifers from Caulfield Partners, Connewirricoo, Vic, came within a few cents a kilogram of rates paid for steers the previous day. 

Their 374.7 kg heifers made $2.94/kg or $1102.

Demand was also strong for 85 Angus heifers from TG Bullen Nominees, Keith which averaged $1098, making $2.81/kg-$3.02/kg.

MacLachlan Props, Pewsey Vale, also had a well-bred line of Poll Hereford heifers which sold up to $3.16/kg for a pen of 21 weighing just less than 300kg.

Princess Royal Station again led the heifer buyer list with 219 head, while Garrison feedlot, Swan Hill, Vic, secured 130 heifers.

The next Naracoorte combined agents sale will be the pregnancy-tested-in-calf female sale on February 2, featuring 3400 head.

Other notable lines

Biggin Hill Trust, Lochaber: 60 Angus steers to av $1226 and 29 heifers to $1123 av $1091

Bimbadeen Agricultural, Coonawarra: 20 Simmental-Red Angus steers to $1313 av $1244 and 12 heifers at $1109

GN&RA Skeer, Penola : 39 Angus steers to $1235 av $1208

Clovelly Pastoral Trust, Naracoorte: 70 Angus and black baldy steers to $1270 av $1132

Andran Pty Ltd, Stewarts Range: 116 Hereford steers to $1162 av $1041

Duck Island, Keith: 46 spring 2016 drop composite heifers to $1150 av $996


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