Returns down at Mt Gambier

Returns down at Mt Gambier


PRICES followed the general market trend and were cheaper than pre-Christmas returns at the Mount Gambier store sale on Friday.



Yarding: 2859

Steers to $1380

Heifers to $1140

PTIC cows to $2440

PRICES followed the general market trend and were cheaper than pre-Christmas returns at the Mount Gambier store sale on Friday.

While the yarding did not reach the massive level of what was offered pre-Christmas, there were still good numbers with 2859 head in.

Ray White Keatley agent Dale Keatley said there was not as much feeder demand as the previous month.

“I thought the sale was slightly cheaper than the previous month,” he said.

“But considering there’s been a lot of cattle sold in the last couple of weeks, I thought the result was still very satisfactory.”

The top price for steers was made by the opening pen, which was nine Pathfinder-blood Angus weighing 522 kilograms from Roxley Park, Penola, sold for $1380 or $2.64/kg to Miller Whan & John.

The second highest price for steers was $1315 for 12 Angus, 486kg, from Corinna Park, Tantanoola, which sold to Creek Livestock for $1315 or $2.70/kg.

The only other pen of black cattle weighing more than 450kg that was offered were 10 Murray Grey-Angus steers, 457kg, from GI&BJ Douglas, Lake Mundi, Vic, which sold for $1170 or $2.56/kg to Princess Royal.

Princess Royal offered good buying support also purchasing 19 Angus steers, 9 to 10 months, 381kg, from Balrook Pty Ltd, Dartmoor, Vic, for $1130 or $2.96/kg, 16 Angus-Simmental steers, 9-10 months, 410kg, from G&D Dobbe, Dartmoor, for $1195 or $2.91/kg and 10 Angus steers, 425kg, from Glenora, Strathdownie, Vic, for $1185 or $2.78/kg.

Thomas Foods International bought a few pens of Angus including 19 Boonaroo-blds, 410kg, from Ruthven, Lake Mundi, for $1220 or $2.97/kg and 20 Granite Ridge-blds, 393kg, from Vaughan Robinson, Heywood, Vic, for $1180 or $3/kg. TFI also bought a pen of 14 European Union-accredited Angus, 10-12-months, 404kg, from Bamboa, Strathdownie,  for $1215 or $3/kg and another pen of six Angus-crosses, 388kg, from the same vendor for $1120 or $2.88/kg.

Windermere, Mil Lel, sold nine Angus-cross steers, 444kg, for $1290 or $2.90/kg, and Dycer Nominees, Glencoe, also sold nine Angus-crosses, 448kg, for $1170 or $2.61/kg.

Garrison Cattle Feeders, Swan Hill, Vic, bought 10 Angus-Simmental steers, 437kg, from Panorama, Wandilo, for $1185 or $2.71/kg, five Angus-Simmentals, 9-10-months, 406kg, for $1175 or $2.89/kg from RH Kerr, Dartmoor, and six Angus-crosses, 375kg, from PA Cory, Millicent, for $1050 or $2.80/kg.

Making some of the highest prices on a per kilogram basis were AJ&MS Reichelt, OB Flat, with 21 Pathfinder-bld Angus, 359kg, sold for $3.17/kg or $1140, DA&LF Firth, Dartmoor, with 16 Boonaroo-bld Angus, 324kg, sold for $1090 or $3.36/kg and Killarnie, Penola, with 29 Pathfinder-bld Angus, 315kg, for $1105 or $3.50/kg.

The top price for Herefords was $1190 or $2.69/kg for 12 at 442kg, from Reichelt, Keith. The same vendor also a further 14 at 416kg for $1150 or $2.76/kg.

Making the second highest price for Herefords was SA Cattle Co, Kingston, with 13 EU steers, 407kg, sold for $1170 or $2.87/kg to Princess Royal. The same vendor also sold a further 10 at 352kg for $1030 or $2.92/kg and eight at 314kg for $965 or $3.07/kg.

Landmark International bought five Hereford-Simmentals, 8-9-months, 307kg, for $1020 or $3.32/kg from SS&JA Robertson, Kingston.

Selling Simmentals was IJ Kerr, Dartmoor, with 12 at 447kg making $1275 or $2.85/kg and selling to Princess Royal, a further 15 at 403kg making $1195 or $2.96/kg and nine at 387kg that made $1150 or $2.97/kg.

The same vendor who topped the steer section also made the joint highest price for heifers.

Roxley Park, Penola, sold 24 Pathfinder-blood Angus-crosses weighing 414 kilograms for $1140 or $2.75/kg to Creek Livestock.

Also making $1140 for their heifers were RE&MJ Wittwer, Penola, with 20 Herefords, 428kg, that sold for $2.66/kg to Princess Royal. The same vendor also sold a further 16 Herefords, 421kg, for $1080 or $2.56/kg.

Making the second highest price for heifers was RB&DA Nulty, Taratap, with 10 Angus heifers at $1100, also selling to Creek Livestock. The same buyer also purchased 19 Angus heifers, 390kg, for $1080 or $2.76/kg from Glenora, Strathdownie, Vic and 14 Angus-cross heifers, 374kg, from Dycer Nominees, Glencoe, for $1040 or $2.78/kg.

Calcarab, Heywood, Vic, sold 25 heifers, 347kg, for $1000 or $2.88/kg, along with a further 18 at 323kg for $980 or $3.03/kg.

There were only a few heifer vendors that made more than $3/kg and they included Ruthven, Lake Mundi, Vic, with 22 Angus, 326kg, at $1000 or $3.06/kg, Verona, Mumbannar, Vic, with 16 Angus, 303kg, at $915 or $3.01/kg, HJ&VL Howlett, Casterton, Vic, with 17 Angus, 282kg, for $850 or $3.01/kg and Mt Gambier Limousins, with 11 at 301kg for $950 or $3.15/kg.

V&R Itzerott, Kongorong, sold 14 Angus-Simmental heifers, 353kg, for $1040 or $2.94/kg and RI&JM Telford, Glenburnie, sold 15 Boonaroo-blood Angus, 374kg, for $1050 or $2.80/kg to Creek Livestock.

Panorama, Wandilo, had seven Angus-Simmental heifers, 392kg, make $1050 or $2.67/kg, Windermere, Mil Lel, sold five Angus, 349kg, for $920 or $2.63/kg and BE Kain & Co, Millicent, made $970 or $2.70/kg for nine heifers.

Garrison Cattle Feeders, Swan Hill, Vic, bought 10 Angus-cross heifers, 9-10months, 337kg, for $960 or $2.84/kg for DG&RE Low, Millicent, along with 12 Angus-crosses, 303kg, from AS&GA Elijah, Casterton, for $870 or $2.87/kg.

Returns from pregnancy-tested in-calf females were up.

In December they topped at $2250, but made to $2440 on Friday.

The top price was paid for some outstanding PTIC cows offered by Lakala Pastoral, Mumbannar, Victoria, which had been mated to Te Mania bulls.

Lakala’s top line of 13 sold for $2440 to Elders Strathalbyn, and the same buyer also bought a further 12 at $2380.

RG&JK Vogelsang, Kingston, sold 10 Poll Hereford heifers, which were PTIC to an Angus bull and due to calve in February, for $1900 to Wetech Ag. The same vendor also sold a further 10 at $1920 and eight at $1840.

LT&DJ Cooper sold 12 preg-tested Poll Hereford-cross cows, five to six-years-old, for $1310.

Prices for cows with calvs at-foot were much lower than December, when they topped at $2600.

Dingley Dell sold a Limousin cow with CAF for $1600.

J Orton, Kingston, sold 35 cows, which had been mated back to a Pathfinder-bull, with 33 CAF, for $1250 to Westech Ag.

TR Truscott, Kingston, sold 42 Angus-cross cows with 42 CAF, aged 3-4 months, for $1170. The same vendor also sold the only bull in the sale, a four-year-old Pathfinder for $2000.

Minumurra sold eight Angus-cross heifers with eight Angus CAF, 3-4 months, for $1440 and R&S Mifsud, had 12 Angus-Friesian heifers make $1040.


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