Steers to $1280 at circuit sale

Steers to $1280 at circuit sale


THERE was strong bidding competition from the Lower South East at the annual Amherst, Wittalocka and Moville weaner sales on Friday, November 17.

Ian Johnson at his Moville property at Willalooka with Vic buyer GF&VC Hardwick founder Gary Hardwick, Kyneton.

Ian Johnson at his Moville property at Willalooka with Vic buyer GF&VC Hardwick founder Gary Hardwick, Kyneton.

THERE was a good start to the 2017 South East weaner selling season at Ian and Louise Johnson’s circuit sale at Willalooka on Friday, November 17.

Steers sold to $1280 and heifers to $1180 across the Johnson family’s Amherst, Moville and Wittalocka properties.

Spence Dix & Co director Jono Spence, who auctioneered the sale, said it was a pleasing start to the SE weaner selling season.

“While prices were back on last year’s incredible sale, the sale still exceeded the vendors’ expectations on the day,” he said.

Mr Spence said it an excellent line-up of more than 2000 calves.

“It was possibly the most even line-up cattle we’ve had at the sale, and there’s no doubt the excellent seasonal conditions helped us with that,” he said.

Mr Spence said while some usual interstate buyers were not at the sale, outstanding SE support helped make up for those not in attendance.

“Some regular operators from Vic were unable to attend. This was due to having had a late break and still having bullocks held over from last year,” he said.

“But these orders were replaced with local SE buyers who are enjoying a great season.”

The sale kicked off at Amherst with a pen of 21 February/April 2017-drop, Stoney Point/Coolana-blood steers, 380 kilograms, that sold for $1280 or $3.36/kg to Miller Whan & John Mount Gambier director Andrew Whan.

Mr Whan also bought a further 21 Amherst steers, 373kg, for $1280 or $3.43/kg and another line of 25 at 267kg for $1010 or $3.78/kg.

Guest vendors WR&EM Jackson, Yardookra, Willalooka, had two pens of steers purchased by Mr Whan including 21 Stoney Point/Coolana-blds, 362kg, that made $1270 or $3.50/kg and a further 20 steers, 370kg, sold for $1270 or $3.43/kg.

The other major buyer at the Amherst property was Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn and Steen Millicent director Owen Merrett.

Mr Merrett bought 27 Lancaster/Roseleigh-bld steers, 366kg, from guest vendor Bergan Park, Keith, for $1240 or $3.38/kg, and a further 26 at 323kg for $1140 or $3.52/kg.

The same buyer also paid to $1270 for Amherst steers, for a line of 22 at 360kg, equating to $3.52/kg.

Princess Royal bought the opening pen at the Wittalocka property, 22 European Union-accredited, Stoney Point/Bull Oak Well/Coolana-blds, 394kg, for $1280 or $3.24/kg. The same buyer also bought a further 59 at 328kg for $1155 or $3.52/kg.

Thomas Foods International were strong bidders at Wittalocka, buying 28 steers, 338kg, for $1255 or $3.71/kg, 27 at 331kg for $1255 or $3.79/kg and a further 55 at $1190.

Guest vendor RMK Pastoral, Willalooka, had 56 steers, 353kg, make $1250 or $3.54/kg and 56 at 325kg made $1155 or $3.55/kg.

The tops of the Wittalocka heifers were 33 at 339kg, sold for $1180 or $3.48/kg.

TFI bought the opening pen at the Moville property, 25 at 388kg for $1260 or $3.24/kg.

Guest vendors Rockalen Pastoral Co, Willalooka, sold 21 Mandayen Lim-Flex steers, 376kg, for $1245 or $3.31/kg. Another guest vendor Lines Family Partnership, Keith, had 22 Hazeldean-bld steers, 348kg, make $1190 or $3.41/kg.

Moville heifers made to $1170, for 29 at 376kg, equating to $3.11/kg, while Bergan Park sold 15 heifers, 359kg, for $1120 or $3.11/kg.



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