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Royal Adelaide Show 2017: Science investigation awards

Royal Adelaide Show News

THE Royal Adelaide Show played host to the grand final of the Food and Fibre Education SA science investigation awards


THE Royal Adelaide Show played host to the grand final of the Food and Fibre Education SA science investigation awards, which saw more than 100 students compete for a total prize pool of $3000. 

The large science investigation competition involves more than 960 students from across SA competing in regional and metropolitan competitions.

From these events, winners are selected to progress to the grand final, which is now an important competition at the show. 

Food and Fibre Education SA manager Belinda Cay said more than 100 finalists were selected to present their research posters, which considered topics such as the effect of different coloured light on plant growth, the effect of diet on chicken growth rates plus others.

“Students present their research poster to the 12 industry judges who scored the poster on experimental design, methodology, results and conclusions,” she said.

“The whole initiative is about teaching students the process of investigation, experimental design and enquiry based learning.

“We work to engage them specifically in food and fibre as there are are about six jobs for every graduate – this initiative is an important program to help engage and attract students.” 

Industry judges score the posters and awarded not only a first, second and third place in the primary and secondary school categories, but also presented awards for outstanding projects in food and fibre. 

“The quality of projects was amazing, students reach embraced the concept of working scientifically and learned through an engaging project just how important STEM is to agriculture,” Ms Cay said.

“We are working to attract the next generation of research scientists, agronomists, livestock agents and more.”

Winners of the awards were:

  • Primary first prize: Does the colour of light affect plant growth – Alicia Bradbury
  • Year 8 first prize: Does the colour of jellybean increase or decrease blood sugar levels – Zack Brittan and Harvey Williams
  • Year 9 first prize: Corrosion of nails – Emily Hinze
  • Year 10/11/12 first prize: Performance vs price in rifle shooting – Kata Kowplos

Food and Fibre Prizes:

  • Primary: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Deakan Isaac and Josiah Heuzenroeder
  • Year 8/9: The difference in growth rates of the Cobb 500 line of meat chicken when fed a commercial meat chicken pellet compared to soaked wheat – Lucy Blenkiron 
  • Year 10/11/12: To what extent are Professor Lockshin's theories regarding consumer 'situation', price and involvement, relevant to school teachers in the Barossa Valley? – Dylan Kalleske

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