TopX Eidsvold fat cows make $1374

Eidsvold fat cows crack $1374


Light weight steers made to 332c/kg and fat cows returned $1374 at the August 16 TopX North Burnett sale at Eidsvold.

The TopX Eidsvold sale yarded reduced numbers on August 16 with fat cows making a solid $1374.

The TopX Eidsvold sale yarded reduced numbers on August 16 with fat cows making a solid $1374.

Despite reduced numbers TopX North Burnett held their fortnightly sale on August 16 with quality cattle on offer.

Steers under 200kg topped at 332c/kg and averaged 319c, steers 200-300kg made 330c and averaged 310c, while steers 300-400kg sold for 289c and averaged 278c.

Heifers under 200kg topped at 248c and averaged 242c, heifers 200-300kg made 263c and averaged 252c, while heifers 300-400kg sold to 265c and averaged 256c.

M&L Johnston offered Droughtmaster cross 195kg steers, selling for 332c/$647.

J Blundell sold 192kg Bazadais cross steers for 300c/$577. G&M Nagle offered 232kg Brangus cross steers reaching 327c /$761. A&V Pearce sold 250kg Brangus cross steers for 323c /$808. D&L McIntyre offered 300kg steers reaching 270c/$810. B Scott sold crossbred 321kg steers selling for 289c /$930. S Surtees presented crossbred 380kg steers reaching 281c/$1068

A&M Evans offered 181kg Brahman cross heifers selling for 243c /$441. K Mesner presented 205kg Droughtmaster cross steers selling for 319c/$657. B Scott also sold 276kg crossbred heifers for 263c/$728.

R&L Mesner offered Charbray cross heifers weighing 246kg selling for 252c/$702. M&M Dingle presented Charbray cross 321kg heifers for 260c/$837. G&V Murray sold Charolais cross heifers weighing 315kg selling for 260c/$819. W Gagan sold 654kg Santa cross cows for 210c/$1374. Cow and calf units sold open auction $1300.

Next TopX North Burnett cattle sale 30th August, 12.30pm start. Eidsvold Charolais bull sale September 5 from 12pm.

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