Strong sales expected

Strong sales expected

Victorian Weaner Sales

WANGARATTA agents are hoping this year’s successful store cattle sales will lead into a strong season of weaner sales.


WANGARATTA agents are hoping this year’s successful store cattle sales will lead into a strong season of weaner sales.

Last year's sale

Last year's sale

Elders, Landmark and Rodwells will hold two weaner sales in February at Wangaratta, after the majority of the weaner sales finish in January.

They will sell steers on Thursday, February 2, and then sell heifers on Friday, February 3.

Elders stock agent Tim Hayes said they would be offering 3500 to 4000 Angus cattle, Herefords, as well as some European breeds, over the two days.

“It should be strong considering cattle prices are still pretty strong at the moment,” Mr Hayes said.

“The store cattle sales have been strong, so I don’t see why this wouldn’t carry on to the weaner sales.”

He said Wangaratta is a good selling centre, that has had good results in the past.

“We’ll be offering a very good line of cattle, so we’ll most likely see a lot of return buyers,” he said.

“We get local buyers, but every now and then there’s the odd northern buyer.”

Rodwells Wangaratta manager Peter Dargan said if the weaner sales followed the same path as the year’s store cattle sales, it would be a strong selling season.

“We’ve had a lot of success this year, on par with everyone else,” Mr Dargan said.

“I think the weaners will be in high demand too.”

He said the weaner sales have come a long way, with vendors producing bigger and better cattle, and buyers willing to spend the big dollars to invest.

“The cattle have got better and better as the years have gone on,” he said.

“People are spending more money, and vendors are spending the big dollars on buying better bulls.”

He said the wet season, which has been enjoyed throughout the whole of Victoria, is a major contributor to this year’s strong results.

“The season’s been very good, we had a very wet winter, and the valley is still looking beautiful and green,” he said.

He said buyers are usually locals, coming from within a 50 kilometre radius of Wangaratta.

“We get buyers from Benalla, Shepparton, and down towards Euroa,” he said.

“But these big weaner sales are usually underpinned by feedlotters.”

He said vendors were from the local area, the furthest being out Mansfield way.

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