11th wind farm opens in SA

19 Feb, 2010 07:59 AM

South Australia's 11th wind farm was opened yesterday (Thursday).

Pacific Hydro's Clements Gap wind farm is near Crystal Brook and has 27 turbines, which are expected to produce enough power for about 30,000 homes.

"That equates to about 200,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere each year," Premier Mike Rann said.

It is now the 11th wind farm in SA, amounting to a total wind-generated output of 868 megawatts.

"That means - with just 8 per cent of Australia's population - we have more wind power capacity than the other States combined," Mr Rann said.

“It’s a fantastic achievement, given that in 2002 we didn’t have a single operational wind turbine in SA.

“Now, we are seen as the jurisdiction of choice by the renewable energy industry, with about $2 billion invested in SA wind farms so far, and more in the pipeline.

“These investments deliver significant benefits to local communities, as well as to consumers and our environment.

“The site has employed a total of 425 people, with all contractors SA-based.

“SA is committed to being a leader in the development and production of renewable energy.

“Projects such as the Clements Gap Wind Farm are helping us to realise that goal and reach our environmental and economic goals.

“We want to secure the jobs of the future, and through green industries such as wind power, we will reach our goal of generating 33pc of SA’s power from renewable sources by 2020.”

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20/02/2010 12:26:24 PM, on Stock Journal

What are the benefits to the local community? All I can see are negatives, higher electricity prices, less reliable supply, potential to start fires, noise and health issues amongst others. And as for saving all these greenhouse gasses, not once since all the turbines in SA has a coal fired generator shut down and stopped burning anything! More lies from a desperate premier.
20/02/2010 4:48:00 PM, on Stock Journal

Wind energy is on the nose with the silent majority - toss turbines go solar Rann!!!
20/02/2010 4:49:34 PM, on Stock Journal

We were offered a wind turbine contract and took it to our solictor who said throw it in the bin. It's a shocker!
20/02/2010 4:51:54 PM, on Stock Journal

Farmers across Australia have woken up to the wind turbine scam, their contracts are a total disgrace, only a broke dill would sign one. Google stockyardhill wind farm contract.
20/02/2010 4:55:24 PM, on Stock Journal

Wind energy is outdated rubbish, go solar. Labor will pay a price for pushing this crappola!
21/02/2010 6:22:53 PM, on Stock Journal

I agree totally with Jack, wind turbine contracts are a shocker. Now wind companies are paying per turbine by power produce, everyone knows they produce little power and thus will pay broke landholders even less. We tore our contract up and asked wind power pty ltd to please leave, they have since gone broke!
25/02/2010 8:39:49 PM, on Stock Journal

Mr Rann...does he work for the wind industry or for his constituents?
2/12/2010 1:45:22 PM, on Stock Journal

I worry that a wind farm is built next door under 2km from town next door to me without a murmer of objection sounds suspect to me and consultation methods, Ive never been asked my feelings maybe the big companies and councils dont want to hear negatives.


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Pleased that common sense has prevailed. Being close to the policy makers cannot be underestimated
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JohnCarpenter, The lamb and mutton job is going okay- we must be doing some things right.
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Spot on X. Let the Chinese buy as long as we can buy freely in China