Water Security Commissioner in new SA role

10 Jan, 2009 03:00 AM
Robyn McLeod, the new Independent Commissioner for Water Security
Robyn McLeod, the new Independent Commissioner for Water Security

APPOINTED by the Governor of South Australia, Robyn McLeod has started in her role as Independent Commissioner for Water Security, taking over from acting commissioner Rob Lewis.

The independent commissioner heads up the Office for Water Security, which was established by Premier Mike Rann in February last year to provide a single focal point for water security planning across SA government.

As a commissioner, Ms McLeod's responsibilities include the leadership of South Australia's water security plans, the $610 million Murray Futures Program, South Australia's contribution to the National Water Initiative and working with the Stormwater Management Authority to drive improved stormwater outcomes.

Formerly KPMG National Water Group's Climate Change, Water and Sustainability Practice director, Ms McLeod has a wealth of experience and knowledge in water issues throughout Australia and overseas and the challenges the State faces in a future of reduced water availability.

She began her career as a secondary school teacher, followed by an appointment with the Victorian government in the Conservation and Environment portfolio, which marked the beginning of her career in water.

Ms McLeod quickly built a reputation for delivery, demonstrated in one of the most public water projects in Australia to date, including the corporatisation of the Snowy Hydro Scheme, which saw restoration of environmental flows in the Snowy and Murray Rivers.

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12/01/2009 2:48:54 AM

Just what we need. A public servant to take the blame from Maywald, Rann, Wong and Rudd (Garrett's irrelevant). She's shown her style: step 1 - Write a submission asking for $10 million to undertake a scoping study to guide a further submission for the money that wasn't spent on the scoping study. That should take well beyond the SA elections in March 2010. And Garrett is now proposing a full survey of water assets. What about Rudd's promise in August '07 to do exactly that?
barrie harrop
12/01/2009 4:03:05 PM

With the $200m earmarked for the Lower Lakes, we could take this money, drought proof all Sth Aust Country Coastal Townships. Create new water, replacement River Murray Water, going down the aged pipeline system mostly half way through its use by date. The return this water for the good of the environment, or for other use. Expect amount could be up to 60GL P.A., creating a fully sustainable situation with each township for fresh water/green energy. Try www.windesal.com
Fred E
3/07/2009 6:35:12 PM

Someone PLEASE tell her that she really HAS to drop the ridiculous weasle-words 'going forward' that she seems to use a hundred times in every one of her interviews. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Going forward.. Sheesh. An embedded bureaucrat already. It's future. Heeeelp!!
Primo Levi
19/08/2009 1:24:49 PM, on Stock Journal

stumpjumper, you really are a piece of work. An ind. should take over the water issue as pollies should not get involved. Why should the govt take blame for it and she is not appointed by the govt but by the head of state (Governor). The govt can be responisble so the likes of you can lay off.


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Not sure what point you're trying to make Frank. We all know what the Coalition haven't done re
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Really you two. Are you having a lend? First go to the senate inquiry on the Murray Darling
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Angry is right in his comments, but Joel also sees right thru the Nationals spin. frankly